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Do you have a Media Director assigned to the backyard music area as well?
No.  I created another room, Back Yard Music, and assigned the SqueezeBox Player to the new room and Entertainment Area as per the Wiki.
Setting Up LinuxMCE

Next step, manually add the squeezeslave to linuxmce as a squeezebox using the mac address you gave it. The squeezebox player can be assigned to a room/entertainment area without an MD, in fact this would be a typical installation.
Select Device

    Select Device->A/V Equipment
    Select SqueezeBox Player from the dropdown options
    Assign it to a room and entertainment area.
    Regen your orbiters and reload the router.

Restart the core to make sure it's starting automatically, to run it manually just run the line made in the rc.local

Here are three images of my setup:


I had nothing coming out of the output until I entered the MAC address into the SqueezeBox Player (which was not mentioned in the wiki) , then I could at least access the Squeezeslave On The Core at of which is my Cores external IP, accessible from any computer on my external network, and see the player and send it, at least, Radio stations to prove it is working by hearing the radio feed out of the assigned port.  I even tried entering the MAC address into the Slim Server Streamer, as you an see from the installation template but it didn't help.  So it be there, should I remove that entry?

I know I'm missing something I need to do to correct this problem, but I just can't put my finger on it!


You won't see a specific button for the squeezebox/squeezeslave. But the room to which you have assigned it will now have an "Audio" button on the media row of the orbiter screen.
In your case you have assigned it to "Control Room" - select that room on your orbiter, then press Audio, now when you select a track to play you will hear it from the output specified, in your case output 17.

Thanks for the above help. I did just that and now I have a Audio button on the orbiter of which I can select an audio track (Ripped Music) but still nothing comes out of the audio port!  Again, if I go to my Squeezeslave On The Core at, the SqueezeBox Server comes up in the browser and I can select any Radio Station and it will output the sound out of the assigned audio port and that works great so I know the squeezeslave is setup correctly.

There is something else wrong in my setup because LinuxMCE is not streaming it correctly to the squeezeslave on the core.  What am I missing? 

My LinuxMCE SqueezeBox Player, which is using the Template "SqueezeBox Player #58" is as follows:

Description *    
Device Template    SqueezeBox Player #58    
Device Template Comments    
This device is controlled via    Slim Server Streamer
Room                                        Backyard Music
Entertain areas                            Back Yard Music
Manually Configure EA    
IP Address    
MAC Address                             00:00:00:00:00:01
Ignore On/Off    On  Off:
Reconfigure device
Use 5 second pings to ensure connection stays alive.
Registered: No

It seams that Squeezeslave is working on the core, SqueezeBox Player is working but the Slim Server Streamer may be the problem and I can't seam to figure it out.

Installation issues / Re: Squeezeslave On The Core - Installation
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:59:53 pm »
I got this working following this wiki

On completion, I then assigned to a room; created one to follow my location as I already had an MD in that particular room.

The only part that did not work for me, is the entry in /etc/rc.local, which for now I commented out; I start it manually if I reboot the core, should look into but time does not permit.
Just to be clear, I assigned it to the room "Control Room" which is where my core is.  I gave it a MAC address of 00:00:00:00:00:01, of which is assigned to the squeezeslave.  The command in the file rc.local (/usr/bin/squeezeslave -o17 -m 00:00:00:00:00:01 -r5 -M/var/log/squeezeslave.log) works for me. Upon reboot, the squeezeslave running on the core initializes. From any web browser on my LAN I can go to and then send, for example, internet radio to the squeezeslave and it comes out of my core's audio port.

I'm just asking should it have assigned a button on any Orbiter's Media area for using it through LinuxMCE.  Do I have to create anything else like a child device manually?  How do you use it within LinuxMCE?

There are many topics on this subject.  Many are old and reference several versions of LinuxMCE.  This one is in regard to 8.10, as of this writing.

I successfully installed squeezeslave on my core.  I know it is successfully installed because I received no errors upon installation and I can access it from outside of my LinuxMCE network by going to which is the static IP assigned by my router to the core.  I can stream music and radio stations from my Window and Mac PCs on my LAN.

Here's the problem...

When I did this part, direct from the Wiki:
Setting Up LinuxMCE

Next step, manually add the squeezeslave to linuxmce as a squeezebox using the mac address you gave it. The squeezebox player can be assigned to a room/entertainment area without an MD, in fact this would be a typical installation.
Select Device

    Select Device->A/V Equipment
    Select SqueezeBox Player from the dropdown options
    Assign it to a room and entertainment area.
    Regen your orbiters and reload the router.

Restart the core to make sure it's starting automatically, to run it manually just run the line made in the rc.local
Nothing showed up on the Orbiters under Media or anywhere else.  I assumed it was suppose to install a button for a squeezebox player, however, the wiki is not detailed as to what I should expect.

When I installed Hulu it added a button which brings up the Hulu player.  What should have occurred?  So the squeezeslave is installed and can be accessed from outside the system by other PCs but what about sending media from within LinuxMCE?

I hope someone can help.  

Installation issues / No more Flickr Screensaver
« on: June 06, 2011, 10:58:49 pm »
I've just updated my 0810 server to 2011-05-30 24012, and I don't seem to have the Flickr screensaver anymore. On my core's orbiter I went to Pictures-->flickr-->my-cores-hard-drive, and I can see the pictures that have been downloaded and exist.  

If I select "Play All", this is the error I get on the core's orbiter:  "I cannot play this media.  Perhaps there is not a valid device in this entertainment area capable of playing it."

My Music and Videos still play correctly but when the Media Director's Orbiter goes to screensaver mode, the screen is just black.

I have edited my sources.list file and did not receive any errors with "sudo apt-get update" or "sudo apt-get upgrade".

Any suggestions anyone?

This fix has been applied to recent snapshots, so this shouldn't surface again.


Thom, as always, your help and support is very much appreciated.


This completely fixed it. Below, for reference,  is the quote and the link and below that is the pertinent information from the reply in the link that corrected the problem.

Dont know if it is related but see this thread.


 * WARNING: This changes the default samba behaviour. For security
    reasons, it is no longer possible to use wide links and UNIX
    extensions at the same time. After applying this security update, wide
    links will be disabled automatically as UNIX extensions are turned on
    by default. If wide links are required, you may re-enable them by
    adding "unix extensions = no" to the [global] section of
    the /etc/samba/smb.conf configuration file.

Apparently LinuxMCE depends on that feature, so try changing unix extensions = yes to unix extensions = no in the /etc/samba/smb.conf config file.  If that fixes it, don't forget to update the template in /usr/pluto/templates/smb.conf.template as well.

I changed unix extensions = yes to unix extensions = no in the /etc/samba/smb.conf config file on the core and then changed unix extensions = yes to unix extensions = no in the /etc/samba/smb.conf config file on the media directors and rebooted the whole system and that corrected the media director's ability to play media (movies and music) again.

Thanks Zaerc and Gadget for your guidance and support. Great system!


After a successful update of the latest 810-Beta-2 release, my Core/Hybrid can still see and play all of my Media (ripped DVD Movies and Music) stored on my (2) 1.5TB drives in my Core, however, after updating my Diskless MD in my Family Room, all works the same except, it no longer can play Movies or Music.  It sees all of the media, including the artwork and info, however, when I select any Movie or Music file, it never starts and sometimes I can catch an error in the upper left of the display that says "file not found".  I've checked and the libdvdcss2 and w32codecs are still installed.  I can even insert a DVD movie or a music CD into the CD-DVD R/W drive in the Media Director and the movie or CD will play correctly as before which proves it's not a libdvdcss or w32codecs problem.

I've tried rebuilding the MD from the Admin and it did not work, I then tried rebuilding the Diskless image on the core and deleting and recreating the MD from scratch and I ended up with the same problem, a Media Directory that can see everything, even my cameras, but still can see all of my Media, just can't start or play anything.

If anyone has had the same problem or has a solution, short of reinstalling the entire Core and system, please help.

Thanks for all of the LinuxMCE support in the past,


I have had problems also.  Kubuntu installs no problem.  Net install/dvd install does not seem to matter.  Yesterday the install failed on pluto_orbiter not installing.  Today the install finished apparently normally, but after the required reboot the system would start to boot get past the kubuntu splash screen and then spontaneously reboot.  I did notice that there was an error connecting to the database.  This happened so fast that it took a while to see part of the message.  Today I just let it continue to reboot over and over. I walked away and when I came back the avwizard was ready for me to configure it.  The setup wizard started a short time later and I was able to configure that part.  The only I am having at the moment is getting my micasaverde zwave dongle to start.  It is seen but I get an error message saying it can't start and that there is something wrong.  I rebooted the machine to see if that corrected the problem and so far things are not going well.  The system is starting the interface because a log is starting but the usb port is not being automatically selected and when I select the port i think it is and reload the router it does not stay selected.

This is exactly what happened to me, the core started rebooting a couple of times so I too walked away then when I came back the AVWizard on the core was there.  This is different from the previous attempts which continued to reboot with a flash of MySQL problems to fast to document.  Anyway, I completed the setup and haven't had any problems since.  I don't have micasaverde so I can't weight in on that.  I use a Tricklestar so after customizing the template, as usual, I connected the Zwave USB Dongle and it was recognized as it should be.

Both my 1.5TB drives sdb1 and sdc1 with all of my media was also recognized properly.  The only little glitch was my second camera, an analog connected to a Bluecherry card, in the core, it caused the Motion Wrapper not to initialize.  I setup my Motion Wrapper and added my first camera, a D-Link IP, and all was OK. I then added my second camera, an analog connected to port 1(port 0) on the config, and then I had erratic Motion Wrapper inits after router reloads.  This is the same setup I've used for the last year with no problems and no changes to hardware.  I then deleted the second camera that I just created, set it up again, and then it worked.  Go Figure!  

Things get fixed, and other things break...  That what Alpha and Beta is.  If we can't fix it all we can do is report it and give feedback to help the programmers.

Thanks, Charles

Installation issues / Re: 810 internet install failed
« on: February 12, 2010, 09:07:51 pm »
Same Thing...

Ever since Update 2010-01-16 22689, my stable system has been erratic at best.  Some times when I reboot I would have my motion wrapper and sometimes not, No Cameras.  Also, upon a reboot, the system would constantly reload the dcerouter, over and over about 5 to 10 times then settle down on it's own.  I finally got tired of the illusive crap and decided I'd do a clean re-install... Even a bigger mistake!

The  3 GOOD Kubuntu 810 installs/Updates were followed by 3 Blown LinuxMCE Internet Installs, always ending with an error and upon reboot, the system just crashes and reboots over and over!  

I can't do a DVD Download and install because all of the DVD torrent Links are no good. This is the same good hardware I've been using on my Core for over a year, nothing has changed.

I'm presently reinstalling 810-Beta2 right now and if I end in an error I'm not rebooting this time, I'm going to dig as deep as I can for the snafu because there is no rebooting unless you exit Grub and get to a terminal.  

I'll let you know what errors I end up with this time.



did doing what team_steeze suggested solve your problem?  I have the same problem with the DVD 0810 Beta install on all my MD's


The repos just happened to be down at the time I was creating a new MD.  I deleted it and later when I tried, it was ok.
Hope this helps.

Installation issues / Re: - Offline???
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:58:13 am »
It looks like our IP's might be getting shifted. We're looking into it.
Thanks, I appreciate the reply because after I replied back to you, the forum went down for a while.


Installation issues / Re: - Offline???
« on: October 28, 2009, 02:21:09 am »

doesn't seem to be down.

As per the code I furnished in my original post the the problem still exists.
On the core I'm installing, Kubuntu 810 is installed and updated, from a browser, I can access, and, but it will not "wget" the url at and download the latest installer using the Konsole.

Adept works fine, I just installed Firefox and it could access all of ubuntu's repositories for the installation.

Any suggestions?


Installation issues / - Offline???
« on: October 28, 2009, 01:20:52 am »
I have been trying to re-install my Core for a while and the first step:
"wget -c", is having trouble resolving the IP with the server, timing out and retrying over and over again.
Code: [Select]
root@LINUXMCE-CORE:/# wget -c
--2009-10-27 18:49:41--         
Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection timed out.                 

--2009-10-27 18:52:51--  (try: 2)
Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection timed out.                 

--2009-10-27 18:56:02--  (try: 3)
Connecting to||:80... failed: Connection timed out.                 

--2009-10-27 19:12:12--  (try: 8) 
Is the server down?


After a successful Clean 8.10 - Alpha2.37 Internet install, everything OK as far as the Core is concerned, even a Windows Vista Orbiter working correctly.  I then wanted to create my MDs that were working with my previous 8.10 - Alpha2.37 installation without any problems.  Upon the first MD's connecting to the DCERouter, the creation ended with a blue screen (of death) and a message that the AVWizard, "Failed to setup X".

A second time yielded the same results.  I tried a second Media Director and it also gave the same results.  After checking the /etc/X11 directories for the diskless MDs, I found that both had No xorg.conf files created.  I watched carefully as each MD tried to reboot from the core and at some point the MD wanted to download and install packages that had to do with the nVidia drivers necessary for each MDs on-motherboard nVidia 8300 display chipset.

Messages going to fast to write all information correctly, I saw time out failures from ",, etc., all dealing, apparently with the glx-180-pluto-nvidia-video-drivers necessary form the diskless MDs.

These same drivers downloaded and installed correctly for the core just yesterday.

Is the source list for the diskless creation of MDs incorrect or different from the core's basic install script source list? These same MDs have been working and installable from my previous Alpha2.37 system of which had been built on about Alpha2.19 and constantly upgraded to and included Alpha2.37.  Never a problem before!

The only reason for the re-install was to utilize a new much larger and much needed OS hard drive, rather than the small one the system was originally installed on.

All of the hardware is the same.  The core's PC is the same!  The MDs are the same!  The only thing that is different is LinuxMCE's current installation files or Ubuntu's installation repos and archives but I believe there must be a bad source list for the MD creation default image.

Does anybody have a referrence, correct source list for the MDs, or is the problem somewhere else?

Thanks and Best Regards,


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