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Users / Re: Paid Development in Open Source
« on: April 29, 2009, 01:07:26 am »
This is the way will all software, at least those projects I have been associated with, if I need something customized then I pay someone to do the customizing.  I have no problem if a small group want to have something specific done then they donate to pay a developer to do it.  As colinjones said, the vast majority of opensource is done gratis because the developer(s) enjoy it or want something that is not there at the time and then contribute it back to the community. (if you read the GPL it states that paying for customizing or adding to existing software is ok) I for one will continue to donate to those projects that I use the most and even contribute to have customizations done that I need.

Ok, I just sent in my contribution, had to do two payments (caught me between paydays).  Thanks for this Thom.

I will contribute, I can put in up to $100.

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