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Installation issues / Unable to install CD2 of Linuxmce
« on: March 17, 2009, 04:37:56 am »
Forgive me I am new to the Linux scene. Ever since I seen the LinuxMCE video I have been trying to install it on my HTPC. Using the install DVD I was unable to install the package due to it going black screen as soon as clicking install Kubuntu. I recently had Ubuntu 8.10 on it but wanted the Kubuntu look with MCE. Since the DVD did not work for me. I reloaded Ubuntu 8.10 and added the Kubuntu package. Now since I loaded that I have downloaded the 2 cd package to my computer but it says that the path does not exist. I have downloaded it to my documents but it will not see. I have tried every variation of <cd c:/home/lance/documents>.So I went the other route of using the install disks. This time the CD1 did not start automatically so I went into the folder and ran the mce-installer and it said it was finished but it did not ask for CD2. Per the instructions it states to install both CDs per doing the last step. I cannot manually do the other since the ISO does not contain a mce-installer just a folder named cached1-cache. I thought that it may just be the mirrors that I downloaded from but I have tried several mirrors. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks I am dying to see MCE in action.

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