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Users / Re: Remote HDHomeRun
« on: August 04, 2009, 10:06:05 pm »
Probably wont work

I read somewhere on these forums a while back that each 1080 stream going over the network is something like 40mb\s.

You could probably rig something with windows media encoder to compress and stream it over the net though.


No kidding, it looks like that is a great little box there.

Looks like they will ship to U.S., but UK£ 347.00 (includes 50 for shipping) = 568.2819 U.S. dollars is a pretty penny.

Anyone know of anything similair on the US side? I was looking for something exactly like that to throw freenas on with several drives in it.


Users / Re: Mythtv channels
« on: July 21, 2009, 06:25:41 pm »
ill try to remember to do this tonight for ya, meeting with wifes ganny after work so it might be late.

Users / Re: Mythtv channels
« on: July 21, 2009, 06:17:38 pm »
It worked for me on 810 without any issues. I did not try it on 710, but it probably will still work.


Certain policies in place that I am bound to prevent me from disclosing how I know this information, but I can assure you that it is absolutely correct. 

I have a buddy I play games with on the mid west that said the same, but with a little more detail. No eta on when it will happen though as it varies by market/area and rollout.

The Pace DTA unit has no ability to decrypt.  It is strictly a D/A converter much like the converter that are now necessary to receive OTA in the US.  It has no ability to receive any premium channels such as HBO/Showtime/Starz etc.  To their credit, Comcast has actually increased the number of channels available with the DTA or digital QAM tuner equipped TV's over the former 2-99 analog lineup.

I hope this is true, but reading through a lot of different threads on this (some of them I linked) they all mention that Pace DTA is able to decrypt but it is currently disabled. They also have instructions to get the the settings pages where a security setting is currently turned off.

I also recently received my 2 free Pace DTA's. Before they can be used, the have to be remotely activated by comcast, you provide comcast the units MAC address. I have not done this yet and both of them currently receive no channels. I plan on accessing the setings page to compare before and after activation when I get around to it

I really hope you are right though as this would be a huge pain.


Marketplace / Re: FS - Hauppauge PVR 500 and HDHomerun
« on: July 07, 2009, 10:41:37 pm »
PVR500 Sold

HDHomerun reduced to $120 shipped

Marketplace / Re: FS - Hauppauge PVR 500 and HDHomerun
« on: July 06, 2009, 07:44:50 pm »
hmm, Am I way off with the price or is there just no interest in them?

Trying to move these quickly as I'm in need of cash. reduced prices, updated initial post.

Hauppauge PVR 500 reduced to $50 shipped
--It includes the expansion piece so it has duel s-video\rca (Yellow, red, white) inputs in addition to the dual tuner (2x PVR 150's).
--There is also a connection for a radio antenna but is not supported in LinuxMCE
--Equivalent to 2 Hauppauge PVR 150's on a single card

HDHomerun reduced to $130 shipped.

Would I be better off selling these on ebay? I do not have a lot of experience selling online.


Marketplace / Sold - HDHomerun
« on: July 05, 2009, 05:33:24 am »

Quote from: Sold
HDHomerun - $120

Quote from: Sold
Hauppauge PVR 500  - $50
--It includes the expansion piece so it has duel s-video\rca (Yellow, red, white) inputs in addition to the dual tuner (2x PVR 150's).
--There is also a connection for a radio antenna but is not supported in LinuxMCE
--Equivalent to 2 Hauppauge PVR 150's on a single card
--Doesn NOT include a windows MCE remote and dongle.

Both are used and working without issues.

Both include 5-7 day shipping, your welcome to pay the difference for faster shipping.

US only.

Any questions post them here or PM.


unless your using it for something other then a MD, 2gb is fine, if not overkill for an MD.

For the most part post count does reflect experience with lmce.
Unless the posts are all questions ;)
When it doesn't maybe those should people be doing more listening than talking. (reading/posting) ;)
Point taken. Can someone reset my post count, please?

BTW, what do the stars refer to? (Just curious)

probably also linked to post count

Is that box similar to the HD homerun in that it sends the video feed to LinuxMCE via ethernet? or is there an av output on it somewhere?

No the DVBworld HD-2104 is a USB based DVB-S connects to a USB2.0 port. This isnot a devices that connects to a LAN like the HDHomerun....and no there is no AV output on this tuner.


With that in mind, USB uses the CPU directly, the more mb/s through the usb connection, the more the cpu works, so with a non-usb tuner, your cpu results would be lower.

Users / Re: 810 and MSI Wind PC\Nettop's
« on: June 30, 2009, 04:38:31 pm »

Up until now, I had only used the machine as a MD in 710 using whatever is defaulted. Had to disable PSS for it to work, however I did notice a few things in 710. The time from first displaying the PSS to the time it froze was pretty consistent, and the lower the resolution was set at, the longer it took before it froze. That probably has no relevance on 810 now, but just something I noticed.

As for now, I should be also using the default driver for Kubuntu. I'll try to check when I get home tonight to verify what I'm using.

If anyone with an eeebox on 810 is readying this, would you mind sharing your xorg? I just want to compare them tonight and see if anything stands out.


Users / 810 and MSI Wind PC\Nettop's
« on: June 30, 2009, 04:41:46 am »
This thread is mainly for those of us with the MSI Wind PC\Nettop computers being used as MD's (or anyone else that wants to jump in.)

So tonight I finally got around reinstalling 810 (few days ago) and tonight attempted to add my first MD, The MSI Wind Nettop.

After first boot, I had to change the arch to i386 (no surprise) and it booted into the av wizard like a champ. So it is basically plug and play now for the NIC. I am assuming the same for the PC variant as the only difference between the 2 is a dual core on the Nettop.

I choose UI2 in order to see if the photo issue is resolved... Unfortunately, once up, the background is solid black and the UI on the bottom of the screen is messed up, along with all of the menu's. Here is what I mean:

Not sure what to do, I tried adding a custom resolution appropriate to my monitor (1680x1050) to the MD(updated wiki for this as well), rebooted and ran the AV wizard again. Once back up, there was no change to the screen shot above.

I then attempted to disable the PSS, but there was no change from this either.

Knowing there are several of us out there with these machines for MD's, I wanted to try to pool any info or suggestions others have on this issue. I'm sure we do not want to be limited to UI1 on these machines. As most of you are still on 710 (assuming as I couldn't find any posts on this) I'll test out any suggestions anyone has as well.

Assuming no issues with the eeebox as i didnt see anything on that, but I'm sure some ppl are using it on 810.


Yeah, that gives compliance with the FCC rule that all channels broadcast over the air have to be unencrypted.

There is a separate compliance for settop box's

The FCC has a different regulation that any form of security for decryption must be removable. All current cable box's are like this.

The DTA's do not have a removable form of security decryption, thus if that decryption is used, it is not in FCC compliance. As long as the channels are unencrypted the security decryption is not used and they are complaint with the FCC rule.

They can however request an exception to the rule from the FCC and whether or not the FCC will grant it is unknown.


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