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Hari - great advice - seems I was a little ahead of the curve, as I really needed to design a complete hydraulic steering system, then integrate same into the onboard electronics, and didnt believe this to be the Forum.
How wrong I was, as your Ray/yadda led me to others, where I was indeed able to breadboard most of the components into a fairly decent steering system - which for the most part will really be a highly evolved autopilot.
Most people dont realize that one can quite safely 'drive' an automobile using cruise-control alone.
Again - many thanks ;D

Hi Guys & Gulls
Been all over the planet looking for joystick type, digital engine & steering controls that I can integrate
into the core of this system, as I believe there are huge areas of common interest & functionality.
The major problem with conventional big boat systems is obviously running all the SS steering cable and hydraulic lines all over the boat. Imagine just one lousy leak or break?
To this end, the solutions, as I see them, are to either run electrical data via wire or RF
I would even consider both - as fallback in the event of the RF being knocked out or vice-versa.
Are there any such interfaces that play decently with your MCE?
I have looked at your system and believe it to be about the best around - it should run perfectly as the
boat will be live 24/7 and we need a monster AV/TV + ISP + VOIP + SAT + GSM + Security + Yadda anywho.
Any and all suggestions will be most appreciated.
Best Regards>Jack

Users / Re: New install advice please - rack mounted, telephony & orbiters
« on: February 21, 2009, 09:26:52 am »
You guys are insane   ;D ;D
Reminds me of another Linux crowd I know & used to love
Even the story board layout is identical - I think I'm gonna love it here.
Just perusing the trails for now - will revert ASAP with a heavy

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