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Installation issues / Re: Mythtv backend not connecting
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:47:14 pm »
I am not 100% of this but it might be correct. The times where I've had that error is when I've just searched for channels in MythTV-setup and it's receiving the EPG. This should mean that it's using the tuner to download all the channel data. I usually just wait and do something else for some hours and reboot before trying again.

If you ever get the problem of being in a vicious cycle when launching MythTV (where the display cycles between the "1" screen, "Watch Recordings" and I think another one) I think it's due to one of the cards that don't have a proper starting channel - or something along those lines that one card isn't properly configured. Solution here is to configure it or delete it from mythtv-setup.

Also, which card do you have? And, have you searched/found some channels? Just because a card is detected doesn't mean it's working properly unfortunately. I think in most cases it does, but not all. I have a HVR-4000 that got detected. However, DVB-S still required me me to change the firmware and DVB-T (even though found) cannot work since there's some kind of bug in the kernel.

Installation issues / Re: Nvidia GF Go5600 - Failed to setup X
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:37:00 pm »
Oki thanks! I should be heading back to my house tomorrow so I will see how things go then.

Installation issues / Re: Nvidia GF Go5600 - Failed to setup X
« on: May 06, 2012, 08:17:24 pm »
Oh that's simple, thanks. Should I do the same for linux-xxxxx-xxxxx packages whenever that happens?

pluto-avwizard and pluto-x-scripts were up-to-date on both the Core and MD

Should I put this MD on the side for now? (there's no rush to make it work, would just be fun if it did)

Installation issues / Re: Nvidia GF Go5600 - Failed to setup X
« on: May 06, 2012, 04:10:24 pm »
Okay so what I've done now:
sudo apt-get update/upgrade on Core and MD
rebooted Core and MD
MD still displays the Failed to Setup X
ssh to the MD and "apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-173 | grep Installed" gives the same: 173.14.22-0ubuntu11.1
"apt-cache policy pluto-boot-scripts" on MD:

On Core:
Installed: (do note that it's different from the MD if that makes any difference)

So I reran the update/upgrade. The core now has the latest pluto-boot-scripts. However the MD doesn't want to update, even after a Core/MD reboot.

I am running "sudo" and it still says:
Code: [Select]
The following packages have been kept back:
  linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic pluto-boot-scripts
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.
I don't know how to fix that.

Installation issues / Re: Nvidia GF Go5600 - Failed to setup X
« on: May 05, 2012, 02:33:59 pm »
Sorry for my nomadic lifestyle, only got back to the house today.

1st command: [10de:031a]
2nd: 173.14.22-0ubuntu11.1

Installation issues / Re: Nvidia GF Go5200 - Failed to setup X
« on: April 29, 2012, 05:38:49 pm »
Hey thanks for the reply and clear instructions! The last command you gave returns "Installed: 260.19.29-0ubuntu1" and here is the pastebin:

I forgot to add that I'm on 10.04. Then I doubled checked the exact model. The GPU is the Geforce FX Go5600, not 5200. The exact laptop is this:

Btw, there is no rush to fix this and I'm not at home every day -> sometimes I'm unable to tinker with the system for days. So take your time, prioritize the important stuff :)

Installation issues / Nvidia GF Go5600 - Failed to setup X
« on: April 28, 2012, 05:59:34 pm »
I finally found the power adapter to an old dusty Toshiba laptop with an Nvidia Geforce Go5600 GPU. However it doesn't go through the MD install as it stops at the "Failed to setup X". A few minutes before that you see the text about Nvidia drivers being installed but I can only assume those drivers are too new?

Is there any easy way to fix this? Maybe install some old drivers or something. Searching the forum I see a few posts about "nvidia-glx-legacy" drivers but not all that much - I wouldn't even know how to install them (but I do know how to SSH too that MD/moon if that's needed!).

Users / Re: ISDN support or SPA3000 equivalent?
« on: March 25, 2012, 12:10:27 am »
wohnst Du in der Naehe Zuerich? Ich hab hier einen Cisco 800 den ich nicht mehr brauche, der fängt nur Staub. Ein Kumpel fährt nächsten Sonntag nach Zürich. Der 800er hat zwei A/B ports eingebaut..
Oh nice aber leider nicht. Ich wohne in Genf! My German is a bit rusty though, at least the writing, so I'll stick to English. Is there any possibility to send it? (even from Austria) I don't mind paying extra, especially not to you guys.

that would work too. They are not plug and play, but fairly easy to configure. From LinuxMCE's point-of-view, they act as your Voip Provider.
Ah okay, thanks. Might be something I'll try in the future or if I fail with an adapter.

Users / Re: ISDN support or SPA3000 equivalent?
« on: March 24, 2012, 04:09:27 pm »
what about using an A/B adapter and the existing SPA3000?
I am trying to find out what that exactly is. I assume it converts the ISDN line into an analogue signal? If so, the part where I'm confused is which one to buy. I search on Google/Ebay for something like that and I get all kinds of products including ISDN terminaladapters and some that don't mention any analogue ports at all. Unfortunately I don't know anything about ISDN except that it's digital so I don't know what I would get (I will do more reading!). Are "a/b terminal adapters" what I want?

The gateways are more expensive most of the time, but are very stable, and you do not have any driver problems.
As mentioned, I don't know much about ISDN. I'd go for the external since you recommend it, PCI lanes are scarce and whilst reading about ISDN I read a comment about PCI lane latency when you have multiple cards. If I buy the right model, would it be PnP and talk with Asterisk without having it configured by gurus like you? (I could configure the SPA3000 as it makes sense and there's a lengthy guide in the wiki :D ). Does it need to be anything specific or would any Patton ISDN Gateway work? Eg:

Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to understand more to see which path I will take.

Users / ISDN support or SPA3000 equivalent?
« on: March 23, 2012, 05:49:35 pm »
My connection has 1 ISDN line and 2 analogue. I might need to switch the analogue (house) phone-line to ISDN so I have a few worries:

Is ISDN not well supported? (i.e. is it worse for a newbie like me to change?). I have a SPA3000 that does exactly what I would want in the sense that if LMCE breaks down, the normal phone will still work like usual due to the connection being bridged. Is there anything similar to SPA3000 but for ISDN? The searching I have done leads me to think negatively on both questions but maybe I have missed something, hence why I'm asking. Thanks.

Developers / Re: QOrbiter: Updated
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:44:30 am »
Create a new QOrbiter device as a child of the core. MAKE SURE to set the default user and location. Make a note of the device number
How do you do this? ::) I know you can add qOrbiter from the Webadmin Orbiter page, at the bottom, but that creates the device as a parent. Once created I can see the template number (2186) but that gives the error "ERROR: the device template does not exist or invalid controlled via" when I try to add it as a child to the core.

Users / Re: Multiswitch MythTV setup
« on: February 05, 2012, 10:30:49 pm »
I tried installing the v4l-dvb driver from the linuxtv page but that just wiped both cards away from mythtv-setup. However after re-install LMCE again I managed to get it to work by installing firmware v1.26.90.0.

DVB-T doesn't work on the card due to a faulty driver in the 2.6.32 kernel. I'm not sure if I'm going to tackle that problem as installing the drivers, as I mentioned above, just nuked my cards. I'll open a new thread for the 4000 and see if someone else has gotten it to work. At worst I'll switch/get new cards or have to wait for LMCE to be on a newer kernel.

As for the multi-switch configuration, it was just as easy as you said: a DISEqC Switch with 2 ports that's connect to two universal LNB's. Then under Input Connections choosing the right LNB. Thanks for the help with this.

I'm still wondering though: this location is too far away from the beam right?

Users / Re: Multiswitch MythTV setup
« on: January 28, 2012, 02:02:59 pm »
Would be very surprised if the switch wasn't picky with only one LNB attached... When you get a lock either way, it tells me the that the DISEqC is not picked up (well, sent out) correctly... But again, try looking at the working setup from one of the regular receivers - how is DISEqC configured here? Where is it "you can choose no DISEqC, or DISEqC Pos1 or 2, and still get my channels."??
Sorry, I meant on the normal receivers it isn't being picky, I can choose whatever and still get the channels. At least on the box I tried (I have different models). I might try the other boxes when the guests are gone.

I recommend ignoring DISEqC until you have the card working. When you write that you get lock "to some of the transponders" that really is a tell tale sign for me that the driver isn't working!
I assume your are running 10.04 with a 2.6.32 kernel. Your card have had drivers included in the kernel since 2.6.28 - but they are buggy... Please take a look at this link for hints to a solution:
I bet that's what I did back in 8.10, skip DISEqC all together. I can't remember if I managed to get it working on 8.10 through installing the drivers myself (using the link you gave) or the work done by MANDINGO. I I'll play around with the firmwares and drivers in the coming days.

You should be aware that due to limitations of the card Myth (or any system) can not use DVB-S and DVB-T simultaneously. Not a problem on a desktop setup, but for a server setup like Myth this limitation is important.. And I am quite sure that Myth will not "release" the DVB-S lock to allow using it as a DVB-T tuner when not requiring DVB-S... The problem is that for Myth there is no conflict, since these 2 tuners are on different adapters. (Adapter 0 should be DVB-S and adapter 1 DVB-T, if I remember correct?)
That was changed last version or something like that. Now it's on the same adapter but different frontend eg. adapter0/frontend0 = dvbs, adapter0/frontend1 = dvbt

I would argue that you should be able (with luck and fine tuning) to catch the Thor Nordic beam on a T90 - but the thing with these beams is that they are not decreasing linearly in strength when you move out of their focus area...
Yeah, that's what I noticed when viewing coverage maps. It's a shame. If it was linear I bet I could have picked it up, at least on a non-cloudy day. Looking at a map the last place that can get it is Stuttgart and I'm "only" around 300km away. Would you still argue it could maybe work or am I a bit too off?

edit: I forgot there's also Sirius at 4.8E for the Swedish channels that seems a bit closer:

Users / Re: Multiswitch MythTV setup
« on: January 28, 2012, 12:48:29 am »
I've been away for a bit. I tried before leaving and today a bit, but got the same result. I currently only have one of the quattro's installed/connected to the multiswitch. What is strange is I can choose no DISEqC, or DISEqC Pos1 or 2, and still get my channels. Looking at the multiswitch it should be pos 1. Maybe it's not picky if there's only one quattro installed, I don't know.

In the myth-tv setup I have tried exactly what you wrote, both Pos 1 and Pos 2, no luck. I also tried without a switch and just an LNB in the configuration and that actually locks on (which I don't in DISEqC mode) to some of the transponders, however no channels are found. The transponders give channels on the normal satellite receivers/boxes.

I have tested one of the HVR-4000 on my Windows machine. It can get both the DVB-T and the DVB-S channels meaning that card is functional. So I think the cards don't install properly under LinuxMCE. They get listed under the MythTV-setup but something obviously goes wrong. The DVB-T part doesn't work either, but then again it didn't work under 8.10 when DVB-S did - so that might not say much.

I at least can't see any other possibility for now and I don't have any other type of DVB-S card (only a DVB-T one) in order to test this theory. I guess my options now are getting hold of another DVB-S card or figuring out what can be wrong with the HVR-4000 installation. I have no experience but maybe it's be the firmware? I could sell the HVR-4000 and get something else but they're nice cards if you can receive DVB-T/S/S2 channels.

As for the T90, you're absolutely correct ^^ Just having 1-2 LNB's on it is a bit of a waste but $200 for skipping cable-TV (for about a dozen TVs) and having the flexibility to expand isn't so expensive. I was going to get Thor 5-6 for the Swedish channels but I was unaware they displaced the "nordic" beam more towards the north, so I'm unable to get it in Switzerland (where I live).

Anyway, a big thanks for the help and making sure I'm on the right road.

I'm sorry, it's precisely that: I don't want to seem like I attack anyone. There are enough wars on this forum ^^

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