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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Video Conferencing Video over IP
« on: January 22, 2010, 06:43:04 am »

Sorry to pester - but I was wondering whether there had been any progress on this feature ... I'm a little confused as the main page of the wiki says that the feature is already available ...?

"LinuxMCE is the only all-in-one open source solution that seamlessly combines:
Phone system with video conferencing"



Installation issues / Re: black screen with cursor after avwizard
« on: October 31, 2009, 06:42:41 am »

I just had this same problem after installing via the internet method (ie. install Kubuntu, then download install scripts from repo).  Immediately after the post_installation script, I rebooted and happily went through the AV wizard.  However, then the system left me with a black screen with just a cursor - after waiting patiently for 30-40 mins I figured something was wrong.

I rebooted and had the same problem, so went into my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and found all sorts of complex settings in the screen, monitor and device subsections.  I edited to match a known good xorg.conf from my old mythbuntu build and rebooted.  Immediately after the system loaded normally (and proceeded to regenerate the UI)

This worked for me - hopefully the same works for you :)



Users / Re: Video stunted during HD TV *SOLVED*
« on: October 23, 2009, 02:11:03 pm »
Thank you both Andrew and merkur2k,

After a few weeks of procrastination, I swapped the mainboard and graphics card from my work box and am happy to say that the video problems have disappeared.  Video is perfectly smooth now - although I decided to stick with UI2 non-alphablending based on some of the problems other people appear to have had.  This is great, the software is up and running beautifully...and I've got my next 6 months of tinkering mapped out :)

Thanks again,


Users / Video stunted during HD TV *SOLVED*
« on: September 16, 2009, 01:11:23 pm »
Hello everyone,

After watching the forums for a few months I finally got around to downloading and installing 810 alpha; after a few issues downloading python libraries (fixed by rebooting and re-running aptitude update), I've got the system installed and up and running.  Overall everything is looking great - all really impressive with the lights turning on and off!

My one issue relates to HD TV playback - SD channels playback smoothly, and HD encoded video stored on the harddrive plays fine too.  However, when I switch to HD TV channels the video is very slow and every 2 or 3 frames missing.  I'm not sure whether this has been covered before (apologies if covered in the forum already), but I've been running HD channels on my hardware for a year with just MythTV with no problems - is LinuxMCE really resource hungry?

I also tried this with UI2 with and without alphablending - no difference.  Like some others on the forum, I also have the problem with the video being scanned around 50-60pixels to the right (overscan?) - I'm running the system into my TV's PC input port and using VGA 1080p @ 60Hz, which didn't sound right when I installed, but displays ok apart from the video overscan.

Has anyone found this problem?

My set-up is:
 - AMD64 3200 processor with 2GB RAM
 - 2 x Winfast DTV 2000 H tuner cards
 - 320Gb hard-drive after fresh LinuxMCE install
 - Geforce 3200 video card (I think) outputing to a Bravia 40 inch.



Users / How to configure a Winfast Infrared Remote?
« on: May 12, 2008, 09:00:45 am »

Apologies for the basic question - I've been trying to configure my new core/hybrid to work with the remote which came bundled with my TV tuner card (Leadtek Winfast DTV2000H).  I have the remote working fine with a basic MythTV install - but for LinuxMCE I'm completely stumped.  The user guide talks about selecting the device template from the Devices -> Media Director view on the web admin.  However, when I do this the remote still does not work.  Further, when I try to configure my own device using the configuration file I used in my Myth install it still does not work.

Can someone please post some clear step-by-step instructions on how to configure an infrared remote?  I've seen quite a few questions of this type in the forums so perhaps this would be of interest to a number of people.

Thank-you very much for your help!

Boz. :D

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