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Users / Re: PDA / Tablet Suggestion Wanted
« on: May 06, 2008, 01:14:23 am »
Thanks for the suggestion.  I have done some research on this web device and see that the n800 is about $90 more than the n770.  Does the n800 perform significantly better than the n770 (it's been noted that the 770 was a little slow) to merit the extra $90?

Also, is it possible to program the functions of the hard buttons for tasks such as fast-forwarding?  I have a Phillips RC9800i and hate using soft keys for fast-forwarding on my DVR.

Thanks for the great suggestion, this looks great!


Users / PDA / Tablet Suggestion Wanted
« on: May 05, 2008, 08:35:45 pm »
I would like to get a cheap PDA or tablet PC to use as a touch pad remote using the orbiter control software.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a low cost option??

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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