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I'll just reply to myself in order to log my findings so far...

It seems that the 'Edit Ruby Codes' window is showing all of the entries in the InfraredGroup table that have FK_DeviceTemplate=NULL.  Any ideas why ?

I've been comparing my new DeviceTemplate record against the existing one for the PLCBUS (#1920).  The only obvious difference between that record and my new template is that the #1920 record has all of the psc_ fields set.

WebAdmin is freaking me out!

Ok, so on the 'Edit Ruby Codes' page I entered a new name 'CBUS2 Commands' and clicked the 'Create new group' button.  After a refresh this page then showed numerous commands (many more than I expected) including #193 (off), #192 (on), #190 (Enter/Go), #91 (Input Select) etc.  I don't know why I inherited all the extra commands...

The section that normally shows the actual ruby script associated with command #193 was actually showing:
0000 006C 0022 0002 0158 00AC 0016 0016 0015 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0015 0016 0016 0016 0016 0040 0016 0016 0016 0040 0016 0041 0015 0041 0016 0040 0016 0041 0015 0041 0016 0016 0015 0041 0016 0016 0015 0041 0016 0016 0015 0016 0016 0041 0015 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0015 0041 0016 0016 0015 0041 0016 0040 0016 0016 0016 0040 0016 0041 0015 0041 0016 05F1 0157 0056 0015 0E55.
Surely this isn't valid ?

I clicked the 'Add/Remove Commands' button which then showed a new window with all the commands listed.  I unticked the commands that I wanted to remove then clicked the 'Save' button.  This didn't appear to remove the commands that I unticked.

Has anyone had this problem before ?

Developers / Problem editing ruby commands for new device template
« on: July 18, 2009, 02:29:06 pm »
I've been trying to create a new device template for the Clipsal CBUS interface by following the instructions at

When I click the 'Edit Ruby Codes' button I get the new window titled 'Edit Ruby Codes' but it shows the following message in red "There are no groups/codesets for this manufacturer and device category. Please add a group before adding codes."

I had a look in the DeviceTemplate table for other templates using FK_DeviceCategory=81 (Lighting Interface) and noticed tha the PLCBUS template (1920) appears to be very similar to what I'm trying to achieve.  When I click the 'Edit Ruby Codes' for this template it doesn't show the nasty message.

Does anyone know of any special steps that might be required to accomodate the different manufacturer (Clipsal) ?

Users / Re: Where to buy Linux MCE Hardware in Australia
« on: July 17, 2009, 06:16:26 am »
I live in Brisbane and decided to install Clipsal CBUS for the lighting.  Unfortunately I haven't yet managed to get it working with lmce even though there are instructions on the wiki at
(btw, any assistance with that would be appreciated).

I also bought some of the WinPlus X10 stuff from Bunnings when they dropped the prices by 50%.  They're not selling it anymore...

Developers / Re: C-Bus ported to MCE
« on: January 30, 2008, 01:03:55 am »
Hello, I'm another Australian LinuxMCE newbie who's trying to interface to the CBUS system.  We're building a new house and I've somehow managed to convince my wife that automated lighting was high on the list of priorities  ;D

Here's the info that I've gathered so far:
(1) The notes at gave me the impression that LinuxMCE is talking directly to the clipsal 5500PC device.  Is that the case ?  Are the magic binary strings documented or were they determined by reverse engineering ?  Will LinuxMCE be notified when a light is turned on/off via a regular wallswitch ?
(2) Clipsal have a linux driver (see reference #4 below) provided as a set of libraries.  I'm not sure how LinuxMCE would interact with this library given that it would need to periodically poll the bus (~every 100ms).
(3) Clipsal have a java app (C-Gate2) that provides a simple ascii command interface to the 5500PC (serial-CBUS interface) via a telnet socket.  This is used in conjunction with the Windows based 'CBus Toolkit' app which is used to configure each of the devices, but also accomodates other applications sending commands etc.

At this stage (for the sake of simplicity) I'm planning to use C-Gate.
The first silly problem that I ran into seemed to be related to the version of java included within LinuxMCE 0704.
  • When I ran 'java -jar cgate.jar', I got the following response 'Java Version 1.4.2 or later required for C-Gate operation'.
  • Of course the funny thing was that when I ran 'java -version', it responded with 'java version "1.4.2"'.
Hopefully this is a trivial issue to resolve... (pity that I know zippo about java).

I'm curious to know whether other people are keen to proceed down the path of using C-Gate as apposed to directly talking with the 5500PC interface.  I've already bought some of the CBUS hardware so that I can play with it prior to it being installed in the new house.  I certainly wasn't keen on buying the Clipsal colour touchscreens for A$2500ea, especially seeing as I inherited a number of 10.4" touchscreens which will one day run LinuxMCE!  Now I've just got to get it working...

(1) The C-Gate2 server software can be freely downloaded as part of the C-Bus Toolkit available from
(2) The ascii protocol documentation is available from
(3) There are a few tips at
(4) CBUS Linux driver doc available at

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