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Developers / Re: MAME Plugin Progress Thread
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:58:30 pm »

there is the directions of how to install the mame system on lmce.  Still a test thing, but works great.  Please test and let me know of any issues with the install or TSCHAK with any problems.


Developers / Mame Installation Instructions
« on: May 06, 2008, 10:54:10 pm »
I was the test pig for installing the mame plugin that TSCHAK wrote.  It works quite well, very freaking impressive actually.  I have posted the directions for exactly how to install mame.  There are 49 steps listed, and I tried to write it down in every detail.  So please follow these directions and test the system.  Any errors with the install instructions or problems, let me know in the irc channel.  Any issues with the mame plugin itself, obviously let tschak know. 

the directions are at the wiki page

now a couple of hints that are not there,  5 (not F5) is the add credits, 1 and 2 are the start games.  Enjoy!


Users / Re: Hard drive not recognized
« on: April 28, 2008, 09:34:35 pm »
Is the drive in the same machine as the new install?

If so, go to the media file sync in the webmin and manually tell it ot scan that drive
it will move your media into the directories for the new install.  That fixed mine.

Users / Re: Why I left LinuxMCE for MythBuntu
« on: March 20, 2008, 10:00:10 pm »
The idea of removing it completely, and just adding back those parts that are KNOWN to be correct sounds great to me. 

The major problem is that people who FIND these wrong sections need to add to the wiki pointing out what is wrong.  That wike is sooooo damn big that it would take months of several people's time to check every post in it for correctness.  Some of the info has changed as the versions of kubuntu or the versions of linuxmce has changed.  So what may be right today may be hosed tomorrow.  Please anyone finding wrong documentation, ADD to the wiki saying what you found or why it is wrong.  OR what hardware caused it to hose.

the irc channel is on   the channel is #linuxmce

and like I said there is usually 40+ people in there round the clock, and the main developers stay in there most of the time along with some of us less skilled developer-wanna-bes answering questions.

Developers / Re: This Community will Fail and LMCE will be forgotten.
« on: March 20, 2008, 09:08:52 pm »
as someone who does NOT spend a lot of time in or responding on these forums, after I first saw your post I started looking around to see some of your other posts and threads and stuff you wrote.  A couple of things jump out when I read your posts.

As far as I can tell, your hit at other people developing is kinda lame considering I can NOT find not one single line of code or contribution you have made to the project OTHER than bitching that it doesn't do it the way you think is right.  Why with all of this knowledge and insight into things that you obviously know more than the developers on (i.e. the dhcp pnp issue that you raised hell about, said needed to be fixed, said you KNEW how it all worked, but never offered to fix for the community!) why don't you just jump in and start working on the project instead of spending all your time in here bitching?

quote from original post in this thread
 ***** and push interested experts and dev's away by contradicting their own discovered functional methods, ******

wtf?  interested experts and devs?   who?  In the last 2 months I been helping on this project, not a single offer of help on ANYTHING has been declined or refused.  The opposite, the main 5 or 6 people who are carrying this project on their back without a lot of real support, have begged people to pitch in to no avail.

their own discovered functional methods?????   I know I am kinda a dumb southern redneck with a MS degree in engineering so I am not real bright, but HUH?  what functional methods are you talking about?

I think we need more people to help work on stuff rather than just bitching.  It is more than just you.  There are several supposed "experts" and gurus in these forums that are maddening cause they always know what to do, how to do, and more than anyone else.  BUT, NONE of them ever contribute anything other than negative comments.  Either quit the negative bitching, or get yourself into the irc channel and start helping develop stuff.  There are a lot of people like myself who are NOT a developer, not a programmer, just a network engineer who are jumping in trying to learn to develop and help.  When all these godlike developers can't seem to pitch in and help.  An open source community is only as good as the amount of help it gets.  And there seems to be a lack of it from a lot of you.

And my only other comment is if you think this community will die, then spend your time somewhere that will be here later and not be forgotten.  Peace, and hope you find somewhere else to bitch about so you can be happy.


Users / Re: Why I left LinuxMCE for MythBuntu
« on: March 20, 2008, 07:11:28 pm »
My only question to all of the problems and you say a lack of answers and support is did you ever come to the IRC channel and ask for help?  We average at least 40 devs/users/helpers in there at all times.  Ask some of the users who come in there, people get help in there!  If it is a major issue that some of us grunt level question answerers can't do, we get hari, ddamron, tschak, danielk, etc ( an experienced dev type ) involved IN the channel discussion.  And we have a good history of fixing issues, or if it IS a code issue, start fixing it.

NOW, I will be the first to admit the WIKI is frustrating, poorly organized, and has conflicting info.  The amount of stuff that was inherited with this project is HUGE.  I personally agree with a comment that TSCAK made the other night in the irc channel.  "The wiki makes me want to go in with a scythe and start cutting and destroying!". 

NOW, your issue of hardware that SHOULD work not working.  One of the dev types bought the Fiire station hardware, not just the remote, but the desktop models that according to PLUTO and the wiki and the documentation info should be plug and play.  HE still has issues with them.  The only thing I can say is that the documentation we have came with huge bugs and misinformation.  Again, the irc channel is where the most competent people to answer specific hardware issues are located. 

I have seen a lot of "experts" with opinions on the forums that have never written a line of code for the project, OR done any work of any kind.  They hang out and write stuff in here and some of them make me wonder if they have even installed linuxmce at all EVER!!  If you rely on just these supposed experts in the forums, and the wiki you are not getting all the answers. The devs try to answer stuff on here, but they are facing an enormous task with the code base we inherited. And finding stuff in the wiki amounts to hunting for a land mine on the beach sometimes.

Now if you just want movies and music, mythbuntu,  mythtv, and several others are the way to go.  MythTV is an awsome project, very mature and really rocks at what it is intended to do.  Audio and Video.  As we push further into cleaning code, then maybe linuxmce becomes another valid option for JUST that, but I doubt it because the entire premise of the software is to do phone, HOME AUTOMATION along with the mythv stuff, not JUST video/audo. But please don't bash the devs and the project for NOT being a mature project, nor for still having issues.  I am really sorry you obviously have a lot of anger towards the software and will probably never be a fan of it.  I agree you have valid points on the documentation, and there is right now a newbie installation guide being written to address that very thing.

Again, I don't disagree with most of your issues.  The only one I don't agree with is that you didn't use the irc chat room to get some of these solved.  If you don't believe me come to the channel and hang out and just watch issues get addressed.  Thanks, and off my soap box now!!!

Barry McCormick
bmac2  <---  irc
darklordbmac   <--- aim
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Developers / Re: March 29 - 12:00N EDT - HADesigner Workshop
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:00:50 am »
count me in on that.  I already have it set up and running.  Anyone with setup issues with getting the odbc stuff right on their machine can message me and I can walk them through it.


Developers / Re: Developer FAQ
« on: February 19, 2008, 04:06:09 am »
Since 0710 is the version currently in development, does that mean that the code in the SVN 0710 branch is the same as the code in the SVN trunk?
danielk and ender do much work to merge changes back to charonmedia from linuxmce. Charonmedia may miss the latest fixes from mantis.

And what is the complete build procedure for that code? The simple procedure for getting and building the source tom_say posted in this thread was very tantalizing.
the procedure for the 0710 branch is not for the faint hearted. Therefore we use the builder farm and nightly snapshots.
Daniel invested much time on the configure script and makefile in the charonmedia trunk. That nearly gives you the whole build. I suggest starting with that. You could pull missing pieces from the linuxmce trunk (e.g. mantis fixes) if you need any.

So if the files to be patched in the SVN are identical to the ones in the SVN, then working entirely against the charonmedia files is pretty safe. If the patch doesn't affect the code's API, it's even safer.

The problem could come if the new patch's effect collides with some function elsewhere in the code that's also been patched upstream in the callpath to the newly patched code. Like if the problem is that some data arrives in the wrong format at the code I'm patching, so I switch the data around depending on the bad format in the SVN code, but meanwhile someone has patched some other code in the SVN, so now the data doesn't actually arrive in that format anymore (but the SVN code hasn't caught up to that patch yet). If there's no record of that other "upstream" patch being worked on in a Mantis bug report about what I'm patching. Still possible to collide, if someone isn't reporting in Mantis what they're patching and committing. But probably a very small risk.

my only question, and I am a total newbie on this project, and am NOT a programmer, but   HUH??  I guess reading your reply confuses me.  Above they kindly posted where to get the sources, and you say no, don't get them there, it is ok to get them here, and it might or might not break something.  I am confused.  If everyone else is getting them from charmedia and patching them there, and you are patching elsewhere, aren't we all at cross paths?  I have done computers since the 80s, but mainly as a networker, and as a College Professor teaching computers, so this is my first endevor into an open source project.  So why not get your code where everyone else does?  I thought I understood daniellek was the "code" keeper of sorts. Is that not right?

Sorry for my confusion, but I am working on some scripts for the project and don't want to put them in the wrong place or screw something up!  We need to all do things the same way or we can be hosed by one person swimming upstream.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Volume leveling (auto)
« on: February 08, 2008, 02:45:20 pm »
I think it would be an excellent addition.  Rockbox/linux for your ipod does something similar. My MD pipes through a sony reciever/amp and it seems I am always turning the volume knob.


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