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Users / Re: How to transfer media disk to new installation ?
« on: March 13, 2008, 04:53:29 pm »
I agree with Andrew. I had exactly as he described when I did the beta4 install.


Thank kir. I'll keep that in mind.

I had to _create_ /etc/asound.state with the information stated previously. Sorry if I neglected to mention that. Did you modify the /var/lib/alsa/asound.state file? If you didn't have to create the /etc/asound.state file it might be possible that some of this problem has been fixed in the 0710 release. Mine didn't work correctly until I created the /etc/asound.state file under 0704.


Thanks for testing this.

I too have an asound.state file located at /var/lib/alsa/, however, I have not modified that file and it also has a modification date of "2008-02-24 20:00" which happens to be the last time I restarted the machine. I believe that the /etc/asound.state is used at boot to configure the /var/lib/alsa file. I could be wrong so please, if I am, somebody correct me.

The avi files I have played seem to send the DD signal correctly. I'll do some more checking though.

Also, what version of LMCE are you using? This was done under 0704.


Installation issues / Re: Unidentified CDs
« on: February 21, 2008, 07:36:48 pm »
With the price of cds so low it might just be easier and safer to burn two new discs and use the old discs as penguin-ninja-pirate throwing stars. :)

I think I should compile a 2.6.23+ kernel for the 710 but I'm afraid it's going to break the auto-update process. Is that right?

Keep on your nice work  ;)

I'd have to allow someone more knowledgeable about the auto-update to answer that question as I'm not sure if it would or not. You could try it I suppose...

The development cycle of this project should see a decline is time differential between the Ubuntu releases and the LMCE releases. This system is being converted from the PlutoHome custom system that is/was to a native Kubuntu distribution. As would be expected with such a daunting task, there has been a delay. Consider also the vast amount of changes that are being made to the code base to fix problems and add features. Native VDR integration, phone provider additions, mythTV fixes, system operation glitch fixes, Insteon, X10, MAME, etc.

I believe the main goal right now is to get the code to compile on a 7.10 install before moving on to 8.04 installations. I'm not sure where any stop-loss on the process would be placed if the task crept on too long. I suppose you could always try the beta version of 7.10 to test the feature set to speed up the process.  ;)

Hopefully that catches everything.


Hagen, that _might_ work outside the US. The MPAA wouldn't want to let anyone download a movie in an uncontrollable form.


I'm honestly not sure if any of them work at the moment. I'll soon be acquiring a low-end NuVo unit for testing and demo purposes so I can hopefully get a GSD driver written, or at least started. There are two or three protocols for the NuVo head units, so I may actually have to get all three of the units to test them exhaustively.

The N800 would also make sense and its already done. But its a different form factor and the Duet remote will run through Slimserver as delivered. I'm in favor of as many options as possible.

I agree! I believe that we should have enough options to fill nearly every need.

Thank you Jason, you just made my night.  This is exactly what I need, 2 to be exact.  I have seen similar items, I'm looking at you Channel Vision, but this one is much more robust with the doorbell and page features, plus more inputs.  My google-fu must be weak lately...

No problem. I just wish htd allowed for dealers. I think I have several clients where these systems would be beneficial.


The new headless Squeezebox is $150 but you would still need an amp for it. And some type of controller. You could use the 6 button ZWave in wall controller e.g. and take two buttons to control the audio back through the system. It would take some coding to implement but the structure is there.
With that system, though, you would navigating the system control blindly. Might work in some instances, however it would not be my preference. I do like to see what I am doing. I do think that would be a good option though.

One could build a DIY system with or some of the other htd offerings if they fit the bill.

My thought with the Squeezebox was to create a method of transferring the audio from LMCE to the amplifier without the mess of coding multiple outputs on the soundcard. Or even requiring multiple soundcards. Just allowing the squeezebox to be a "ghost MD" of sorts.

Something like this:
LMCE -> Squeezebox (RCA output) -> multi-channel amplifier -> speakers

The Russound (I believe) and NuVo systems would also allow for smart keypads that could also display the metadata from LMCE (transmitted via RS232).

why wouldn't you stick an N800 nearby, instead?
Because the N800 is overkill (features and $$$) for this application IMHO and I personally like the keypads better. :) The keypads also come with the NuVo systems by default and the NuVo systems are what I am offering for sale and installation. There would also be power savings by using the very low power keypads in lieu of N800s which would require power adapters and would be much more difficult to integrate into a finished wall for a seamless appearance.

As a side note, one of the notes listed in the original post requested temporary muting for announcements with playback resuming. The NuVo systems in particular do offer this feature with a 12V switch. By activating the switch one can temporarily mute the playback and change all zones to source 6 until the switch is released. LMCE could output audio to source 6 to achieve this. I'm honestly not sure what other systems offer this so if anybody does please post it so the options are on the table. Of course I'm curious as well.

I do apologize if I have hijacked this thread, it was not my intention.


So what is the best way to hack together your idea, Jason?  I need speakers in rooms that I don't want a MD, specifically the dining room and bathrooms, but I still want wall mounted volume controls.  I've been wrestling with this idea for a couple weeks now cuz I am in the middle of building a house.  Just thinking about the zone amp and how to input multiple outputs from the core and keep it all clean is driving me crazy...

The NuVo brand Concerto system was reported to work with an earlier version of Pluto software, but I have yet to find the coding. If LMCE could natively control $SYSTEM_X via RS232 and output the multiple audio streams it would work best.

Getting the audio stream(s) to output from the core as a sort of ghost zone would be the most difficult part of this project I would suppose. One _could_ use multiple Squeezebox units to create the same effect, well, in a manner of speaking.

The RS232 protocol is available from NuVo for their system and I would assume could be had for the multitude of other systems on the market. One could then create the GSD device templates for control of these units and away we go. Of course there is still the issue of multiple sound outputs to handle....

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near capable of handling such a feat at this time. I was hoping that Pluto would be willing to reinstate their functional code and allow the expansion of said code. I have yet to receive a response from Pluto as to the whereabouts of the code or it's status.

I would say to go ahead and wire for the system of choice. That way you would have some motivation and the installation in place to take advantage of for testing.

Hopefully that was of some assistance.


Developers / Re: MAME Plugin Progress Thread
« on: February 08, 2008, 11:49:56 pm »
I hate to interject here, but...

Is copyright stopping you, or load on your server, or something else?

Matthew, it sure would seem that you like to push buttons quite often.

Seriously, what difference does it make? It is his prerogative whether or not he would like to distribute MAME ROMs, whether legal or otherwise.

Legal Status of MAME
MAME itself is perfectly legal, as it is merely an emulator. The MAME license explicitly forbids people from distributing it along with rom images.
Making emulators is protected by fair use. It's the rom images themselves that are copyrighted.

Users / Re: Adding additional Hard Drives
« on: February 05, 2008, 04:38:40 pm »
It is possible to backup and then restore your mythconverg database.

I have done so successfully when I converted from KnoppMyth to LMCE.


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