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Users / Media and location movement.
« on: October 02, 2007, 08:22:22 pm »

I am a Mythtv long time user and now I am interested in moving onto home automation. One of the things that I liked more about linuxmce is that it sais the media follows you arround the house. I would like to know what kind of hardware do I need so the system knows my location. Also how does it works when theres more than 1 person in the house. For example, I am watching TV and want it to follow me arround the house, but then I go into my bedrrom where my wife is watching another TV channel. What happens? I guess my wife would keep on watching TV as she was there before. But my sesion pauses, gets recorded, or its simply stoped? Its remembered so when I go to another empty room, after being in the bedroom where my wife was, it starts playing where I left it?

Hope this wasnt too mesy.


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