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I've got a few problems with my new LinuxMCE install.  I would like to note that I have been using both Mythdora, and Knoppmyth for a about a year and a half, with no problems.

My first problem is my Matrox Parahelia 128MB AGP Card.  I've tried installing the drivers from Matrox, and everytime I do, LinuxMCE won't load afterwards.   As anyone gotten the Parahelia and it's drivers to work with LinuxMCE.

My Next Question is.....Since I have a PCR-350 I use the TV out it to put my DVR on a TV rather than using, DVI or s-video from my Parahelia.  I have my Xorg.conf from my previous myth installs, and it works fine when I'm using Mythdora.  But when I try using it with  LinuxMCE it does not work.  Has anyone had success with that one?

My Last question is I have a Dish Network VIP211 STB,  it has both usb and ethernet ports on the back, but my assumption is that they are disable, Has anyone Gotten this to work, or am I stuck with IR.  And if so does any one have any codes/device templete/lirc.conf for this device?

Any Help would be extremely helpful and very much appericated.

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