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What might the reasons be for the setup wizard to NOT see the installed hardware when other applications apparently can?  This seems to be an issue of LinuxMCE's wizard being unable to "see" hardware that is properly installed in the machine, and visible to the OS and other applications regardless of whether those applications are part of the LinuxMCE installation.

Maybe it would help if I re-state the issue from a slightly different perspective, if you'll all indulge me.

During LinuxMCE's installation process, (the part where we're guided by Sara(sp?)), it shows a "box" (for want of a more accurate term) which should list the capture devices which are installed in the machine.  My understanding is that this is where my TV tuners should show up and be selectable, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there.  In my case, this "box" remains completely black, and nothing is selectable.

Now, regardless of whether mythtv-setup can see these devices, (and regardless of the fact that mythtv-setup is part of LinuxMCE,) aren't they supposed to show up during LinuxMCE's install process?  Again, please correct me if this is an incorrect assumption.

My point here is that this is an "installation issue" for LinuxMCE and nothing more.  It should be investigated and (depending on what is found, if anything) fixed, shouldn't it?

I am fully capable of hacking at my system to make it do what I want within the context of making it perform the functions of a PVR, but I was under the impression that LinuxMCE was supposed to simplify the process so that I wouldn't have to.  If this is not the case, then what is the point of the existence of the LinuxMCE distribution?

I apologize if the tone of this post seems anything but clear-headed and relevant.  My goal here isn't "make my computer be a PVR," but more of "do what I can to make LinuxMCE a better and more functional product without any programming ability."

I was under the impression that this was the forum for "LinuxMCE Installation Issues."  That being the case, wouldn't your suggestion of using MythTV-Setup be counter-productive?  This is still an issue for me.  If anyone has any constructive assistance they can offer, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, all!

You're probably right in correcting me regarding which wizard I'm talking about.  I'm not entirely sure there.  It's the wizard with the video clips of Sara walking through the setup, etc. so Setup wizard is likely right.  Sorry for the confusion.

Mythtv-setup can see both cards perfectly.  They just don't show up during setup.

Any more ideas?  I'm fresh out, since this is a "new" distro for me.  Before trying this one, I had a mostly functional Mythtv setup going under Feisty, with lirc and everything working.  I realize now that I should probably have read through forums before trying the install.  Ah, well.  Hindsight is always 20/20, right?  :)

Still trying!

Allrighty!  I've verified the existence of /dev/video0, video1, video24 and video32.  There is no /dev/v4l.

Is there anything specific I should be looking for in dmesg?

Thanks again!

I've managed to get through the quick install DVD (apparently) without a hitch.  There were no errors during the install process.  However, the AVWizard doesn't detect either of my tuner cards, nor does it detect my StreamZap USB PC Remote.  I've installed and configured lirc, but I can't really test it yet.  Right now, I'm more concerned with getting LMCE to see my tuners.  The cards in question are 1) a Hauppauge PVR-250 MCE and 2) a pcHDTV 5500.  I've verified that they both show up in lspci, and the associated modules are loaded (cx88 and ivtv).  Once I get these cards recognized and doing what they're supposed to do, I'll worry about the remote.

Please let me know what specific information I need to post in addition to the above if necessary.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!

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