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Users / Re: noob Q's about program guide & 0704
« on: September 03, 2007, 09:47:40 pm »
no, see, i understand why people would want to pay for it. i'm just not one of those people. what i want to know is whether there is a free alternative for people like me, or are we stuck with a pay for it or have nothing option?
thanks for the reply, i'm going to install the dvd now.

Users / noob Q's about program guide & 0704
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:26:53 pm »
hi i am very new to linux and ready to try an alternative to microsatan. i am very impressed with linuxmce, and have a few questions.
I am a bit concerned with the inclusion of schedules direct. i understand the desire of those who want a reliable program guide they don't have to worry about and are therefore willing to pay for it. however, i don't want to pay for it, especially when it costs more than my webhosting, and even more so when it costs more than a subscription to tv guide. so my question is - is there an alternative program guide or are we forced to pay for one? i'm confused about the zap2t issue, as i read the reason for the switch was that zap2t was no longer offering listings to us & can after Sep 1, yet i just went to the site and pulled up listings for my area no prob. is there at least a way to get a free OTA guide?
also, i am just a bit confused about the install of lmce. will the dvd install kubuntu, or do i need to d/l that and install it before i install lmce?
thanks for having patience with a linux noob.

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