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Similar problem here...

I have tried both the DVD and CD install.  The DVD install leaves me with a black screen that I cannot get past.  I have tried pressing number keys 1-0.  A couple of the number keys briefly show me a console logon and then I immediately get a black screen again.

The CD install is even worse.  After rebooting I get stuck in an endless loop.  I am shown a console logon briefly and then another screen that displays something about a helper script.  These 2 screens continue to loop without any intervention from me.

After both installations - when I see the console logon screen, I see the following message:

mdadm: No devices listed in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf

Both installations have left me dead in the water...

System Specs:
Pentium 4
2 gigs of RAM
Nvidia GE Force 6600 GT

Hi I had the same problem, to fix that (create workaround)
I had to boot into single user mode to change the root password
after that I reboot to normal mode, login as root and change the xorg.conf
to use regular vesa drivers instead of nvidia it means that there will bo no alpha blending
but for now it works

Best Regards

btw my its GE 6800 GT

Installation issues / Re: Fail on installation
« on: August 19, 2007, 09:13:11 am »
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We've installed lmce-0704 from the DVD iso numerous times now on different i915/i945 & i965 Cores without problems... so I assume there is something about your hardware that is causing the DVD iso to fail. Not sure what that might be though.

I had exacly the same problem, what U have to do is switch to console (alt+2)

sudo -i
vi /usr/bin/
comment the line that runs the formatdrive function
and run the /usr/bin/ script again

it worked for me

Best Regards

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