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Users / Hardware - Is This Compatible?
« on: August 07, 2007, 09:26:32 pm »
I have searched this and MythTV and Google, etc. Can't find a definitive answer. I want to switch from M$ MCE to Linux with my existing hardware. I am most concerned about my TV Tuners. Can anybody comment with certaintly about the following hardware?

2 ATI EHome Wonders (Theater 200 chip based)
1 ATI HDTV Wonder
1 ATI X700 Radeon Pro

Intel D915PBL board w/3.4GHz processor and 2.5GB RAM
Sound is built in Realtek high-def. I use the spdif output to a Sony receiver. Right now I lose the sound when Windows comes out of S3 standby.

BTW, Does LinuxMCE support S3 standby?



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