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Similar problem here...

I have tried both the DVD and CD install.  The DVD install leaves me with a black screen that I cannot get past.  I have tried pressing number keys 1-0.  A couple of the number keys briefly show me a console logon and then I immediately get a black screen again.

The CD install is even worse.  After rebooting I get stuck in an endless loop.  I am shown a console logon briefly and then another screen that displays something about a helper script.  These 2 screens continue to loop without any intervention from me.

After both installations - when I see the console logon screen, I see the following message:

mdadm: No devices listed in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf

Both installations have left me dead in the water...

System Specs:
Pentium 4
2 gigs of RAM
Nvidia GE Force 6600 GT

Installation issues / Re: Black Screen
« on: August 15, 2007, 10:15:57 pm »
I used the quick-install DVD and I have the same problem.  I have tried pressing number keys and holding down shift during boot.

Pressing the number 3 takes me to a console logon prompt briefly and then immediately returns to the black screen.  I never saw the AV Wizard and I cannot get it to start.

I will be trying the CD installation method, which is disappointing considering the time advantage of the DVD.

Update 8/17:CD installation also failed with a similar result.  See my post on the thread
Still having trouble with black screen at startup

I installed the new beta version and set it up to boot into LMCE core.  Now I cannot get into a KDE desktop!

The buttons work to take me to the LMCE launch manager, but I cannot get to the entire KDE desktop. 

I tried to CTRL + ALT + F2, becoming root, and running KDE at the command line.  It starts to load but then just hangs.

I'm almost ready to reinstall to fix this, which is disappointing considering the install time....

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