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Installation issues / Re: No audio
« on: September 02, 2007, 03:09:21 pm »
the reason is that this onboard chipset was not supported in linuxmce.
only the normal output should work, but no spdif or coaxial will work.
dont ask me why. i found it somewhere in the forum (developers i think).
i bought a new soundcard, disabled the one oneboard and the problem
was fixed (sound comes now through spdif ).

Users / Great Work Boys everything works fine!!!!!
« on: August 22, 2007, 04:43:20 pm »
Thats what i call out of the box.
final version works great.  I would thank the Team for the great work!!!
I got many problems with first versions but the final version works fine.
For german dvb-t users enter the console after the setup

bunzip2 linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1.tar.bz2
tar xvf linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1.tar
cd linuxtv-dvb-1.1.1
modprobe cx88-dvb .
finally put cx88-dvb in the /etc/modules restart and up it goes
everything works

p.s. dont forget to watch the installationvideo--->simple setup
last thing is to setup the imon pad and vfd. not so easy but i am still trying on it
i allready got the gyromouse and this is the best control and the imon was just a gimmick for my girlfriend :)

kind regards

das wichtigste ist es wirklich die richtige live-cd zu benutzen.
grundinstallation durchführen, linuxmce einlegen das installpacket installieren und dann vom desktop ausführen.
keine updates machen!!!!!
wichtig ist das ne internetverbindung besteht.
nach n paar cdwechsel und ca 2std installationszeit sollte das fertig sein.

ich bekomm nur mein mythtv nicht zum laufen ansonsten ziemlich cool.
achso und mit meinem plasma und hdmi hatte er noch mucken mit dem nvidia treiber.
alles in allem ist es nicht gerade ne out of the box lösung sondern eher ziemliches gefruckel bis es läuft.
RC1 ist schon n guter schritt nach vorne aber dvb-t macht irgendwie mucken oder ich bin zu blöd.
unter mythtv lüppt alles wunderbar nur nicht mit linuxmce.

ok i look later but i think i did allready.(had to work  a lot)
so often i went through the setup .. but i ll try.


no didnt fix the prob
under general PAL is set

i wonder why under mythbuntu found the cards under DVB DTV Capture Card (3.x)
and it worked fine.
but under linuxmce  coudnt open any card only under v4l.
so how can i scan for channels for v4l cards?
video sources is set to EIT west-europe
input connections  --> full scan finds nothing
is there a special location for the channels.conf and when where do i have to put it.
and why can i set the path to channels.conf if it has to be placed at a special position?
i dont know???
step by step could be very helpfull.

1.step general settings ...
2.step capture cards ...
and so on

and no link to german linuxmce<--- isnt helpfull

Is correct but i can only choose my cards under v4l.
serch only over EIT cause tv_total doesent work for grabbing.
scann found nothing on each card.
no ard zdf etc
i tryed with channel.conf for german ruhrgebiet
but this even doesent work.

my job is to work on such machines iam not a linux noob.
some things are quiet easy for me but these cards just killing me.

I promise if i get this damn machine working i post an howto with pictures cause nowhere
i can find something like this only links to sites where i can get no help
and that sucks

Installation issues / HOWTO Setup a working german dvb-t system??????
« on: July 24, 2007, 08:08:17 pm »
Day after day i tryed to get this machine work for me, but none of the cards in my hybrid want do anything.
does anybody know anyhing how to setup a fine working system?
I tried many days but i cant get any tvpicture and that makes me sick
first of all the nvidia drivero h what a mess
but problem fixed
installation --> easy
but tv setup or mythtv ---> grrrrrr.
mythbuntu work fine no probs just install and setup goes easy.
so what is wrong with linux mce ?

mainboard a8n sli deluxe
4gb ram
250 gb hdd
nvidia 7800 gt
 1 x cinergy 1400 dvb-t
 1 x twinhan hybrid
 1 x pinnacle
 gyration mouse
panansonic 42" plasma tv

please i want it it looks great and with the mouse it is wonderfull but without tv ....
sorry for my bad english

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