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Compatible Products & Services / TV Card
« on: July 14, 2007, 10:21:54 pm »
Is it required to have a TV Card in the computer hosting LinuxMCE.

I got an awesome price on a brand new computer only 170 GBP, 2000 NOK.

So i think im going to buy one, but i wonder if i need a tv card in the box?.

Hauppauge WinTV Primio TV+FM - Is the card im thiniking about. Its PCI Express.

But would this work with LinuxMCE?. I think i read that LinuxMCE could  record tv if it was a videocard, but is it required from the bottom of?.

My setup would be like this.

Antenna > LinuxMCE > Video output (VGA) no S-Video > My 32" inch tv.

Anoyone think if this could work out just fine? Thanks for answers.

 Best regards, Kent.

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