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1. Install DVD as normal.

2. Install/run envy .
   On first reboot

At grub prompt
esc to recovery mode

From the # prompt run the follwowing commands
    apt-get update
    wget -c
    dpkg -i envy*
    apt-get install -f
    envy -t

    1 install nvidia driver
    y create xorg.conf
    y reboot

3. Run av wizard  as normal

Works great with my new ABit- AN-M2HD :)

Zarec should this go the wiki some where??? ;)

Thank you very much!
This guide worked for me, but with a different problem:
I've bought a new PNY GeForce 6 6200 256MB DDR AGP VGA / TV-Out / DVI-I and didn't get the DVI port working with AVWizard.
Installing Nvidia driver manually after complete LMCE install somehow destroyes AVWizard and didn't let ist start (the often mentioned loop).
With your method the AVWizard came on with DVI support.
This Workaround should get in the Wiki until a fixed version of LMCE is out.

Thanks, BeKli

edit: Sorry, it didn't really work, the AVWizard came up with DVI support because the nv and not nvidia driver was used. In this case UI2 doesn't work...need help...

Installation issues / Re: eth0:0 and how to stop it
« on: May 29, 2007, 06:29:50 pm »
I looked around and found this is an old issue

The problem is that it tries to use the same ip address as my server To stop this at the point where it asks if I want to run a dhcp server I selected no and left the ip setting to 192.168.80. It is still not working though. How can I can stop eth0:0 being created or at least set it to have a sane ip address?

The workaround at the end of this topic worked for me.
Maybe some additional hints:
I chose to set the network manually, asked the network manager for the current dhcp ip given by my router.
I set this as static ip, and filled in the routers ip as gateway and dns.
I chose no when asked to run a dhcp server, and typed a different three digit ip to my home network (in my case home network has 192.168.1, i wrote 192.168.0).

Installation is still running with no more network problems.

excuse my bad english.

I think I can suggest a way to avoid this problem. And yes, if you have it, packages won't download during the install, MySQL won't start, and basically you'll end up with a hosed install. The best thing to do then IMO is to reinstall Ubuntu and start from scratch.

Anyway... onward to the solution: When starting the install, select to configure the network manually. Give it some ip in your local network range. When asked to enter a range for the DHCP server, enter a 3-digit ip range that is not in your network range. The virtual interface (eth0:0) would then be assigned the gateway address for that range, and it won't interfere with your net access.

Example: Say your router is Assign to the core network. Enter 192.168.1 for the DHCP range. Stir well.


Maybe there should be an option for people who are behind a router in the next version, which does this workaround automatically.

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