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My fiance and I have been thinking about this for some time.  At first we were looking into MythTV, but I was intrigued by this site because it installs over Ubuntu (which we've been using for some time).  My fiance has been doing the price checking (he likes doing that), while as I'm doing the researching.  So I need to know a quick list of system requirements.  For example, in Ubuntu's website, at the bottom of the What is Ubuntu page is a little list of requirements.
Ubuntu is available for PC, 64-Bit and Mac architectures. CDs require at least 256 MB of RAM. Install requires at least 2 GB of disk space.

Obviously since this is a HTPC system, you'd have to include such things as suggested video and sound cards, input devices, and stuff like that.

Right now the price check is making a rig (and upgrading my rig) for around $376.  More on the parts he chose later.

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