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Whats the difference between 1.1beta and 1.1beta2?
Ditto, is there a change log around somewhere?

Installation issues / Re: LMCE 1.1
« on: May 25, 2007, 08:37:59 am »
By the way I understand a new Beta is due soon...
I hear that. Unfortunately, I've got a MicroATX board with built-in video so I'll have to make it work. About 25% of the way through the installation now and I'm running into the network disconnect problems that were noted earlier. Hopefully the new beta will address some of these issues.

I can't wait to get this thing working!

Installation issues / Re: Is LMCE Ready For Public Consumption?
« on: May 25, 2007, 08:34:20 am »
I agree, LinuxMCE looks fantastic (the video blew me away too), but it seems it may have been released a little prematurely. I'm going on the 8th or 9th install now, trying to get it to work. I'm not slacking on the hardware either, I just built this box specifically for this purpose. Its important for us to test it for them though, so that we can help get it working by the time its ready to be called stable.

Installation issues / Re: LMCE 1.1
« on: May 25, 2007, 06:37:19 am »
For the record, I'm installing on an Asus M2NPV-VM mainboard with integrated Geforece 6150 Video and integrated Audio; 512MB of RAM; 80GB HDD; DVD-RW; Unknown ATSC Tuner and Unknown DVB-S Satellite Card.
I've got almost an identical setup and I'm having troubles too. I'm going to try reinstalling without using the cached packages.

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