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Installation issues / resetting the installation
« on: May 04, 2007, 05:39:41 pm »
Hello everyone.

I'm currently trying to get Linux MCE to work on a 1GHz computer. Installing MCE takes several hours to complete (ubuntu is about 30mins), and I'm getting tired of having to reinstall when the setup tells me i can (in theory) hit escape to get to the previous screen.

Is there a way to clear the config files so that the audio/video settings setup starts at boot again? I managed to hit cancel instead of OK when choosing resolution, and the computer entered a loop of showing me loading video/audio setup and nothing at all. When i restart it boots into a shell and the screen blinks on and off. Considering the option of trying to install everything again (it's been a few times already) and wait, i really hope there's an easier way.

I also chose no to install a dhcp server, but it still did it, which is quite annoying because i already have a DHCP and DNS box on my network.

Sorry for any bad english.


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