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I wonder if Zoneminder is integrated in same way as motion - that means that quad view and view camera screens work ?

Thanks in advance,


No currently it is not as ZM does not use motion. It is integrated into the Athena UI though, with Quad and individual cameras views, and it can also manage far more cameras for less load on the CPU than a motion based system can.



Marketplace / Clearview IP PTZ-889 - Configuration
« on: June 02, 2015, 03:42:45 pm »
I've posted below the rtsp configuration information for the Clearview IP PTZ-889 as several users have asked about setting up Clearview cameras on their Dianemo X86 14.04LTS installations. This configuration should work for most current Clearview cameras (let me know if it doesn't);

Remote Method: RTSP/Unicast

Source Path: rtsp://user:password@<IP address>:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0



Smart Home Consulting
Helping you plan, program & configure your Smart Home

Alongside my long-term involvement with CHT Ltd I have always run my own consulting firm too. My consulting spans a lot of areas - from helping companies understand how mobile technologies will impact their businesses to individuals who are looking for someone to guide them about turning their home into a Smart Home.

While most people come to the forum because they want to do much of the planning and installation of their Smart Home system themselves, some of you may still be looking for advice or guidance. Of course there is plenty of free help & guidance available here in the Forum from members, including me, who respond to posts. That may be all you need.

But sometimes you may need a more specific, detailed and personalised input or may need some programming or configuration help. This is often the case if you are attempting a renovation project or building a house for example. Sometimes simply having someone show you how something is achieved will allow you to take-over and complete the rest of the work. My advice can be about any aspect of Smart Home systems or installations including LinuxMCE, Dianemo, Control-4, Crestron, Ago and many others.

My consulting rate is $65 USD and hour for projects delivered remotely online,  I will always try to provide you with a fixed price if at all possible. A small apartment or house might only need an hour or two of my time on the planning side, so the costs can be small and the benefits large.

So whether you need some advice about how to plan your Smart Home installation or help in the programming or configuration get in contact and I'll try to help.

To get in contact if you need help or advice on a project;



Dianemo X86 for Ubuntu 14.04LTS
A new Era in Smart Home Technology

Get a full Dianemo X86 14.04LTS installation ready and configured for you to use for just $199 USD - this deal ends on Wed June 3rd. We'll add/Configure your existing IP cameras and configure your existing media drives for you to make sure your existing audio/video media are available on your new Dianemo system right from the start.

Configuration includes;
  • Your existing media drives can be configured & added to Dianemo for you
  • Up to 4x IP Cameras configured in Zoneminder for you
  • 2x Athena UI Orbiters configured and added for you
  • Assistance included for adding/configuring your iOS Devices as Orbiters

Your Dianemo X86 license also enables full Remote Assistance support capability if you need more detailed support from us in the future. Remote Assistance allows our support team to remotely configure & access your system with your permission - giving you peace of mind that one of our team is always available to help you if you need them.

Please contact us by PM here or by email at to order. Please make the subject of your email; "Confiiguration Offer" and include your full name & Paypal details in the body of the email and we will then send you a PayPal Payment request.

Best regards


PS Buy two Dianemo X86 licenses for just $179 USD each (both licenses must be purchased at the same time)

On Friday we pushed an update out that contained a new device template call "Generic IP Device". What is the purpose of this device?

The "Generic IP Device", or template #2068 has been released to allow for any IP device to be added to dhcpd.conf (be careful, as it's just under "Generic IP Camera", which is for Motion Wrapper, so don't choose that when adding a Generic IP Device)

Any IP device added via the #2068 template gets an entry in dhcpd.conf and will mean that it will not change addresses over it's life-time in your system. Device Template #2068 should be added as a top level device ie at the same level inthe Device Tree as the Core.

An example of its use would be when adding Zoneminder cameras - add a Device template #2068 for each camera, adding the cameras IP/Mac address and click 'Save'. Now the cameras IP address will be fixed in dhcpd.conf.



We've built an alternate Squeezelite 1.3 package to compliment the Squeezelite 1.8 package we released last week.

Why have we done this? One of our customer systems has been experiencing very high processor loads for instances of Squeezelite. We don't have a full understanding of what causes this, and we only have a single instance currently too. However it seems that a build of Squeezelite 1.3 for 14.04LTS fixes the high CPU loads and therefore we're posting this here so that if you do hit the issue and want to fix it yourself you can install 1.3 instead;

Only do the following if you experience the high CPU load issue - Open a terminal and type to remove Squeezelite 1.8;

Code: [Select]
sudo dpkg -r squeezelite <return>
and to install Squeezelite 1.3 type;

Code: [Select]
sudo dpkg -i squeezelite-1.3 <return>
If you do experience this issue please let us know even if you apply the fix above yourself. We're also happy to apply the fix for you too (at no cost) if you would prefer that. PM me here on the forum if you need to report this issue on your system or to arrange for us to install the fix.



If you want assistance either updating your existing system, or you want to install from scratch on a new system, then we have slots available this weekend for you.

Contact me by PM here on the forum or via email at to book a slot or to get more information.



Marketplace / Zoneminder performance on Dianemo X86 14.04LTS
« on: May 29, 2015, 07:04:54 pm »
Just a quick update on Zoneminder and the kind of processor load you can expect; We seeing, and receiving feedback from customers, that with a modern I7 based Dianemo X86 NC/Core equipped with modern IP based cameras, careful configuration of cameras features/setup and zones (the areas of a video image that are processed for motion detection) its easily possible to run 10-12 cameras in 'modect' mode and only see about 15-20% processor load from ZM.

This is an incredible performance gain over our previous Dianemo X86 12.04LTS Kmotion based installations on the same hardware.

If you have any performance stats you'd like to share for ZM post them here of PM me.



We've released an update to Squeezelite to fix a ffmpeg/ABI issue we noticed in systems that had updated from Dianemo X86 12.04LTS.

Ubuntu 12.04LTS shipped with SqueezeLite 1.3 and systems that were updated to 14.04LTS got stuck on 1.3. Unfortunately SqueezeLite 1.3 is not compatible with 14.04LTS and will cause excessive processor load if not updated.

As usual please run the updater to update your system and to install any other pending Ubuntu updates too;

Code: [Select]
Dianemo X86 will stay on SqueezeLite 1.3 as this is the final release from Canonical for that release of the OS. However if you'd like to have a try building your own SqueezeLite 1.8 package for Dianemo X86 12.04LTS then be our guest - see below. However on 12.04LTS I should point out that as far as we can see there is absolutely no advantage in having 1.8 installed...which is why we have not built a 12.04LTS deb.

Note this is only if your still running Ubuntu 12.04LTS and have some spare time!!; If your feeling brave and want to try building SL 1.8, then you can get the code from our fork:

Code: [Select]
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -us -uc
the code is vanilla 1.8 with Debian package stuff added on top;

...and fix the things that are complained about - keep doing that until it works ☺
...and then install the deb.



We've added support for Zoneminder to the Athena UI on Dianemo X86 14.04LTS. See the link below

I've posted some screen-shots here -

Configuration Tip;
If you have an existing Kmotion configuration then you will need to transition your cameras over to Zoneminder. Make a note of there IP/Mac addresses and any settings/urls you have configured for each camera. Next add a new Top Level Device (ie above your Core in the Devices Tree) of type 'Generic IP Device' #2068 - create one of these devices for each of your cameras and add the appropriate IP/Mac adresses and save the changes. The Generic IP Device will assure that your cameras remain at the IP address they had already been allocated by Dianemo's DHCP server. Once you have created new devices for all your cameras you can delete 'Motion Wrapper' from your Devices Tree (if you don't delete it all your orbiters will display a camera icon for Kmotion still).

As usual simply run the updater script to install this Dianemo update and any pending Ubuntu updates too;

Code: [Select]


Marketplace / Dianemo X86 14.04LTS - Athena UI Screenshots
« on: May 29, 2015, 12:38:17 pm »
Hi again,

I've uploaded some example screen-shots of the Athena UI's new Zoneminder support. Simply configure Zoneminder on your system and the camera icon will be added to your Orbiters icon bar. That's all there is to it.

Athena/Zoneminder screen-shots -



We have released an update today to Dianemo X86 for 14.04LTS that adds support in the Athena Orbiter UI for a Zoneminder 4x Camera View & Archive access and playback. This is supported in all Athena Orbiters including the iOS App and any Web browser based Orbiters.

Give it a try - you'll like it.

This is a free update for all Dianemo X86 users - simply run the updater script to get the update.



Marketplace / Dianemo-RPi2 Preview will support Mysensors
« on: May 28, 2015, 11:00:39 am »
We are planning to support the IP/Serial gateways from in Dianemo-Rpi2. This will provide Dianemo-Rpi2 users with access to all the great low cost Arduino based sensors available from Mysensors.



We've updated device template #1790 - Internal HDD overnight for those of you running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. One difference between Ubuntu 12.04LTS and 14.04LTS is that the newer OS does not use HAL any longer. This caused new Internal HDD's to fail to add correctly and there mount points were not created. We have updated the supporting code for template #1790 to accommodate the removal of HAL.

This update is now available as usual simply by running the updater script - any other pending Dianemo or Ubuntu updates will also be installed;

Code: [Select]


The HIKvision IP dome camera model DS-2CD2132F-I(WS) can now be configured for use in rtsp mode with Zoneminder;

All the best


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