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Installation issues / Sony mpeg encoder board with linux mce?
« on: May 02, 2007, 03:02:13 am »
Hi this is my fvirst post :) now i have a sony encoder board and it works with giga pocket but there is no drivers i could find for windows xp mce 2005 so... i diesided to try linux mce but i whated to know before i install it will it work with my sony encoder board(there is not a model number on the board but it came out of a sony vaio Pcv-rz44g) help would be much aprechated. By the way i copyed the ubuntu to a flash drive and i put the linux mce file in a seprate folder on the same flash drive i was woundering if it will still install for a flash drive the falsh drive is USB 2.0 my mother board is also a 2.0 but i was woundering if it does work how long will it take for a install to an uata 100 hard drive thanks for all the help this is a multi question post so i dint know were to post it thanks for your replays.

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