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ok so, is not found on my system.  so i built a symbolic link to in the lib directory to point to, this solved my issue.  if you are having this issue.  you could either, install (which is not a current package in the apt database)  or do what i did and create a symbolic link by typing

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

and rerunning the install.  worked for me! someone must have not noticed that the guys at debian/ubuntu phased out this library that linuxmce relies upon. 

ok, i opened vim with the -b switch (for binary)... took out the null.  the script ran but i get a cannot open shared object  file: no such file or directory

again defacto out of the box ubuntu 6.10 install.

what do you think?

I reinstalled the installer package, checked the md5sum, it matches yours.  I re-ran the script file, from both the desktop and as root.  From the desktop, nothing happens.  From the console as root I get a return to the next line.  No error, nothing.  The temp directory is never created, there is no log built.  When I open the in VIM, i get a message that has been "converted" at the bottom?  I simply want to take out the null portion of the script so I can see what is going on when the script runs.  I attempted to take it out and resave.  I can see the script execute now, and it fails with an error from gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file.  I am not sure if this is because I've taken the line out and saved incorrectly in vim or if it is failing in the same manor behind the null. 

The install is a fresh brand new 20 hour old 6.10 ubuntu desktop install, clean format.  x86/intel system.

Why is there not logging sooner in this script?  Also, is there a more manual approach to this install, I appreciate the "easy" button, but in the event that there is problems, I am limited by the automation.  I.e. for example, could I get a tar of the extracted files, so i can run the ./mce_installer manually bypassing this auto-extract file?

I should have known you'd ask that.  It never created a mce_installer.log, because the script never launches.  Check out the current install deb, see if the lauches on your system.  I've got an "out of the box" ubuntu install.

My guess is that, someone lately, on your development staff made a change to that script file, probably trying to fix something in a pinch, and saved in a wierd format.  There is a ton of people having the same problem as I.  No one has descibed it like I, because they aren't looking under the hood.  But through out the 7 pages of install issues I found at least 10 other people having the same issue and no fix.  Could you send me a link to a different version of the .deb installation.  Or even better, test a on your machine, and send it to me.  =)

I'm excited to get this working. I blew away my Windows MCE machine for linuxMCE and I just ordered a brand new machine to be a linuxMCE machine.  I can't wait.  Thanks,

I've narrowed this down to being a problem with the file.  I've ran it with sudo and as root and i get Bad Interpreter: File or Directory not found.  /bin/bash is in place.  I've tested /bin/bash with a simple echo script and it works fine.  I've also stripped everything past the first echo in the and I still recieve a Bad Interpreter error.  When I open this file in Nano, Nano states that it has been converted from Mac format to open.  I've attempted to use the dos2unix util on the script with no luck.   

This is a new install with 6.10 Ubuntu.  You probably notice that I put a little effort in to figure out why it was dying after the "gkdo".  Thanks for your help in advance.

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