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Users / How to add new media types and formats?
« on: June 13, 2007, 08:50:47 pm »
Linuxmce is workin pretty good so far.  i got fglrx workin on an ati 9600xt.  UI1 works ok.  But how do i add new media formats to the database?  i got allot of tv shows in .rm (realmedia) format and i can't see them in an orbiter.  I downloaded realplayer just to have a player that can work...but how do i add them into the pluto media plug-in, so that i see them in the 'Video' filelist, and when i select one, it opens the proper player?  PLZ HELP!  THIS IS MY LAST BUG!  THEN IT"S PERFECT!  for now...

1.) Perfect Install Beta2..shared desktop/media center, static IP, Kubuntu Fiesty
2.) Perfect setup, everything works, UI1 tho sux only got a radeon 9600xt to use right now.
3.) ATI remote wonder works in kubuntu b4 i ever install Linuxmce, As a mouse w/ volume control, no playback controls.  in linuxmce, i configure default infrared interface and ati remote wonder from the remote list, and nothin.  still works like a do i kill the kubuntu driver for this x10 receiver so that pluto can load it's driver and work right?
4.) apparently, the driver or dvb install script for the ATI HDTV Wonder is broken with kernel 2.6.20 to 2.6.3..just a tip for anybody else that has one and has to jump through hoops to get the OTA digital to won't for now...but it says that it works with kernels higher than once again, no mythtv for me... :'(  unless there is a kernel update for kubuntu that i'm missing...???
5.) don't mount any hard discs that you want to use in linuxmce in kubuntu desktop.  i use automatix to install this handy script that automounts all NTFS drives...if i use it, the drives are no longer accessible in linuxmce...maybe it's a permissions thing..
6.) otherwise, this thing is workin pretty good...especially with all ATI video hardware in it...i need more ram...512MB doesn't do it justice...and i need an nvidia card for agp

Installation issues / Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
« on: April 26, 2007, 02:10:03 am » humble venting was a bit harsh....but i've been a linux user for ten years!  i have seen  the birth of the text installer on through to today...i love open source.  i love how fast development happens..updates and bug fixes in days rather than weeks or worse months, or for Micro$oft, never sometimes..i just felt very misled by that damn video...i killed a perfectly working windows MCE install for this thing.  I haven't had my music or media for days now.  but i too have made progress...from what i can see, you definitely need two network cards...using the dhcp functions are amazing...when they work...the trick is in the setup...running x server and mce makes for two instances of x servers running...want to conserve system the standalone install unless you need yer desktop to be a desktop too...but during setup, DEFINITELY DO plug yer internet into eth1 and yer internal network to eth0.  DEFINITELY DO manually configure yer external(eth1-internet) network and make sure it is static IP, then dhcp runs as happy as a pig in slop.  adding media also threw me for a loop...i installed automatix and grabbed their script for automount of NTFS/FAT32 drives...the moment i did that, mce found my secondary SATA drive and added it to the system..but the media took almost 5 hours to appear on a menu.  REASON: the menu is just a database..and empty database at first, and it takes time to populate it from yer drives and network.  Always run the myth tv setup from within mce/computing.  make sure you use the proper ip address for the database..i'm still not sure which one it is looking for... or or dcerouter or what?   my myth tv frontend still crashes out..setup with a ATI HDTV wonder...i also have a remote wonder plus that came with the tuner and it doesn't work with linuxmce either...i see remote listings for "remote wonder" but no "remote wonder plus".  maybe i can just change the code header for the remote wonder and make it work with my remote wonder plus. they are pretty much the same, except that the remote wonder plus has a 'ATI' menu button and the remote wonder doesn't.  how do i add my .rm files to the media database?...i have many episodes of south park in .rm format but they don't show up in my video list. if i can add my remote, my tuner with myth tv, and all, ALL of my media, then i'm done with the config and i'll be a linuxmce convert permanently.  I will say that my initial frustration led me into learning the ins and out's of this thing and now i can install and config on the first try, every time!  maybe someone from tech suppport can jump into my linuxmce setup and config my remote and tv tuner and media for me...we will see.  Once again, my most humble apologies to the whole linux community.  I forgot where i was for a second (microsoft land) and needed a good thrashing by my fellow users to bring me back.  Thanks guys.  I'm a jerk.  but i'm a jerk with a functional Linuxmce server/client setup!  :)

Installation issues / Re: Absolutely Pathetic!
« on: April 23, 2007, 06:42:34 pm »
After many frustrating days and 12 install attempts, it finally took.  I can't get UI2 with masking to work on an ATI radeon 9600XT...pluto screams about not being able to find pluto-ati-drivers or vlc server/client software...but i got UI1 and i'm tryin to config it...doesn't seem to have remote codes for my ati remote wonder plus, but that shouldn't be to hard to add..but i am lost with my media...i have an internal 250gb sata drive (ntfs) and an external 120gb usb2 drive(fat32) director/core hybrid sees the drives, i see them in web config under other directory of /public/data/...ntfs3g installed and and write permission on all drives but i can't find all my media in orbiter..some of it shows up, some doesn't.i chose to keep my directory structure on these drives..system boots to ubuntu first then mce...every attempt at makin this a dedicated mce machine failed...oh well..have new ati drivers installed with great...finally...most painless ati driver install's about myth tv is still hosed tho...doesn't seem to connect to the database...runs config everytime i run front end.  i have a leadtek winfast tv 2000/xp and an ati hdtv wonder with remote wonder plus.  this is where i need the help...gettin all my media to show up on media director and gettin my remote and tv tuners workin...and UI2 with masking, no alpha...that just runs really poorly...very slow....UI1 is fine tho...runs great...sorry about my venting before..i'm just really excited and frustrated all at the same time...on a side note, i do hand solder all my own dc dimmer lighting kits and use tons of basic stamps for contollers so i can't wait to see what i can do with those..

Installation issues / Absolutely Pathetic!
« on: April 22, 2007, 08:06:57 am »
Listen...i understand...this is a remake of a pluto distro for ubuntu with shiny bells and whistles on it... It doesn't won't find all my media on an internal hard drive...myth tv is a myth....setup is archaic and very non intuitive...nothin works right...and i can't get pluto ati drivers to install because i fail a dependancy for pluto kernal update module! Maybe i try the actual pluto kick start cd...but then i'm no longer using ubuntu..i'm then onto debian...SHORT ANSWER!  This thing sux!  with a capital SUX!!  and it's got way too many modules to sit there and try to debug and figure out what is wrong...that's not my's the linuxmce guys know..the guy from the video!   So post replies to this...i just wanna see some opinions...this can't be a 1.0 release..i think they meant 0.1...

Installation issues / Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
« on: April 21, 2007, 05:11:27 am » all day re-install after another....edgy...then updates...then linuxmce...and everytime....every F***in time....something goes wrong...sometimes the pluto repo is down...sometimes it can't install ATI drivers...but it's always something...i've made it through the install once today...and then tried to configure and that just crashed the whole thing re-install again....and run linuxmce...let it do my updates...and guess what?  can't get the pluto packages...and it's not the vim-common problem either...maybe in the commercial field, this package is a 1.0 distro...but not to the open source community...i'm in awe of the possibilities, but so F'ing frustrated i don't know if i can do this...what the hell am i doin wrong?  i even got this system to install on a dual pentium3/500mhz system and it worked...horribly bad, but it worked...but only after 5 can someone give me some hints?

Installation issues / You Gotta Be kidding me!!
« on: April 20, 2007, 09:37:16 pm »
so my friend shows me this video of linux MCE...and i'm blown away by the possibilities...REREAD!!  THE POSSIBILTIES!!  so i install...on an athlon 64...regular i386 install...i get through it...and i have winfast tv 2000xp cards and an ati hdtv wonder w/ remote wonder plus...and an ati 9600xt....the interface works...router works....i'm tryin to configure through another laptop on the network...all that tv tuners remote wonder plus...nothin...i was under the impression that all this hardware would just work out of the box, as long as it works with linux....the tuners..ok...maybe they won't work...but i can't even get the remote wonder plus to work and i see and ati remote wonder plugin in the config!  needless to say...this thing just ain't ready's got all the bells and whistles, but it should come with an education and degree in rocket science, cause yer gonna need it if you want to install this system, let alone configure it..i'm no mac addict, but it does make you understand why apple wrote their own gui config panels for everything in OSX, despite it being a FreeBSD maybe someone can help me to understand my new toy?..

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