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Same problem on 2 Notebooks and 2 PCs *#@!
I've found the install scripts and tried to change the IP settings but as the installer caches the files from CD on every go they will be overridden.
I've managed to install the system by waiting till the YP process is registering during the installation.
At this point the installer allready broke my IP config. You have several seconds time (even on a fast system) to open the network adapter configuration from the Ubuntu administration menu and rechange the network setting so they will work again and the installer can continue downloading the needed files from the internet.
For example I hat to change the default Gateway as I had another router for the internet connection.
Another problem for me was that my router hat the IP adress x.x.x.1. This is exactly what the installer is configuring to the install PC.
Hope this workarround helps others. I also hope the installer will be fixed soon by someone whos knowing what hes doing ;-)
I now have the problem that the orbiter won't start and I have a gray screen without a chance to get the desktop again...
There also was a problem with screen timings after installation so that I ha to change the monitor to see anything.

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