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Users / Any info on best hardware?
« on: March 14, 2007, 05:38:32 am »
Hi there,

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing this project progress. One thing that really makes me take a lot of time before I try any Linux Distro or program is Hardware..

With a project such as this is there any chance of a hardware database. Where someone looking to build a system could select say "TV Tuner" and see a list of TV Tuner cards, with them marked if they work out of the box, and also marked if they work with some tweaking (some tweaking tips and instructions would be great too). Same goes for stuff like "Appliance Modules", could have something like X10 and the model number. I think you get my drift. I imagine the db would be straight forward and boy it would raise my confidence levels and simplify moving over.

See I currently have a PVR 150 and this SHOULD, I imagine, work out of the box, but I will have to kill my current MythTV box to find out. Also I'd love to know what automation hardware I can/should buy. Will my Nokia N73 (3rd gen Symbian60) work? Because it currently doesn't on Pluto.

I know this is really in it's infancy, 1 week old, just thought you might like to know the sorts of thing that held me back from installing Pluto before.

Good luck, I would love to help, but I'm pretty much a Linux Novice.  :(

Kind regards,

Paul Russell

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