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Users / Re: DHCP leases Foscam IP camera problem
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:21:05 pm »
If you need an solution, i think i've got one.  :o

When i put my switch on 10HD instead of auto (or 100FD/HD...), i've got no interruptions.
So try the speed to 10HD (switchsettings, an old hub instead of switch...).
I've tested it also with fixed settings on 100FD, but i had the same result. I think that the build in network card can't live with real 100 full duplex... ;)

Before i lost connections after a few minutes. Now it runs for about 48hours without any hickup.
I monitor the camera with cacti, i poll it each minute, so quite sure that i've got no interruptions anymore...

Hi everyone,

I have your same problem on my foscam camera's.

With this workaround did you finally fix the problem without more interruptions??


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