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Title: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: Afkpuz on January 27, 2010, 08:08:48 pm
Hi guys, used linuxmce back in 7.10 and ran into alot of stablity problems.  I am eagerly awaiting a stable build of 8.10 to try it out again.  So, how stable is it?  I don't use any homeautomation, I just watch tv and listen to music.  From the looks of the website, it looks like 8.10 is still in beta.
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: JimmyGosling on January 27, 2010, 10:34:58 pm
What sort of stability issues were you seeing in 710? (just to clarify, I think you can answer the stability question in a lot of different ways).

I upgraded to 810 just recently but already feel like there is no looking back to the previous version. 

To help make my decision without a firm commitment I plugged in a new drive and installed it fresh rather than wiping out the old one.  Since you are a mild user like myself the same might work for you.
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: Afkpuz on January 31, 2010, 07:44:15 pm
Yea, I might just try that.  I have enough linux experience to be dangerous, but linuxmce is much more complex, especially than ubuntu.  Most of my fixes and work arounds avoid editing code at all costs!

Anyway, my stability problems were many.  I'll list them out.

1.)Hard lock ups at random times.  Seemed like if I kept reinstalling over and over, eventually, one of those installs would be stable. 
2.) Mythtv crashes.  I liked to have a little more control over my recordings, so I tried to use the mythtv scheduling instead of linuxmce.  It was difficult to get into the menus and would often bump me back to live tv during this phase.  Also, some setting changes in the mythtv menu would result in a momentary lockup, where I had to press the stop button a bunch of times to get back to the lmce gui.

Those were the big ones.  Little things also kept me away, like the sorting of tv series, which I've heard has been addressed.  I'll definitely be trying this new version out, I just didn't want to dive head first into an unstable beta.  Once I do, I'll make some more videos on youtube. 
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: seth on February 01, 2010, 05:12:40 am

My 810 core is solid. My MD's run about 12 hrs a day each. Either watching MythTV, or videos/movies.

I have recently had some issues with my CM11A. I will squash those bugs as soon as I get some free time. It used to work flawlessly, after I installed 810. I think the hardware may be failing.

Oherwise, this new 810 has been rock solid. Many, many improvements. Highly recommended.

Give it a shot. You won't be disappointed.


Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: Lexje on February 01, 2010, 07:17:41 pm

I can only agree. Try it and don't look back.
I've had my share of 0710 issues, but I've never judged my system instable.

I had issues with hardware not being 0710 compliant (mobo, usb-nic, tuner-card and such)

Much depends on your hardware. You might want to check support for your motherboard and tv-tuner card in the wiki.
I'm running the Hauppauge HVR-4000 card which is a magnificent card, but, as far as I know, it needs kenel 2.6.28-11. So I upgraded my kernel. This results in some issues that you need to be aware of (MD's and such).
If you don't use this card, you won't have this problem.

I currently run on Asus M3N78-EM without ANY problem.
I also have a Acer Revo R3600 as MD. Works a charm.

One other thing to mention:
Previous 0710 took over your whole harddisk.
With 0810 you have full control. So if you're really, really comfortable with MythTV, you can have both on separate installs if you really want.

Don't doubt - Do it :-)

Best regards,

Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: ladekribs on February 02, 2010, 01:28:12 pm
Hello Seth,

what are Your issues with CM11A?

I have also a problem where, the sunset event is ignored, and when I manually power on the lamps, they get powered of after about 10 seconds or so(can be frustrating :-)

Cheers Stefan
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: skeptic on February 02, 2010, 05:18:30 pm
I've been considering the switch to 810 myself.  Can anyone confirm that if I upgrade to 810 beta that I'll be able to upgrade to 810 final without a full reinstall?  Overall I've been happy with 710, a couple minor annoyances but not much in the way of stability.  The only stability issues I've run into seem to be MythTV things, things like Myth hanging for a few seconds then exiting the first time I tune a HDHomeRun channel.

Afkpuz - what does "I liked to have a little more control over my recordings, so I tried to use the mythtv scheduling instead of linuxmce" mean?  I'm certainly not advocating going with 710, but scheduling recordings is one area I've never had a bit of trouble.  In fact, with the live TV issue I have of Myth kicking back to LMCE when I first tune a HDHomeRun channel I'm surprised that recording HD channels seems completely reliable.
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: skeptic on February 09, 2010, 06:18:23 pm
Update and bump - I just bought my wife a Squeezebox boom which as I understand it works with the 810 version of the squeezebox server (slimserver).  This may be enough to prompt me to make the jump to 810 even though it's still beta.  However, I still have one question:

Realizing nothing is guaranteed, is the expectation that upgrading from 810 beta to 810 final going to be a fairly painless in place upgrade?
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: Afkpuz on February 11, 2010, 06:21:28 am
someone asked about my mythtv control preferences.  Basically, mythtv has alot more features than lmce uses in the standard cube channel guide.  Example, it may be reverse from this (it's been almost a year since I've used lmce) but I like to record seinfeld.  If I recall, the cube channel navigation only told lmce to record the shows on 1 channel.  Since seinfeld is on multiple channels, I had to go through each channel and find an episode of seinfeld.  Also, I didn't find anywhere in lmce to search for a particular show.  In mythtv, I just click a few menus and type in the name.  In lmce, I had to scroll through the channel's entire listing until i found an episode of seinfeld.  Stuff like that.  In mythtv, you can set episode limits, so you ever have 10 episodes of seinfeld and whenever a new one airs, the oldest one gets deleted.  Most of mythtv's power was bypassed for the three button system. 

My soultion was just to grab a keyboard and exit live tv without exiting mythtv.  There are tons of recording options within mythtv that I found useful, like "record in this timeslot each week", "record on any channel at any time", and the ability to exclude reruns and only record new airings. 

Also, the "more options" button in the cube channel guide never seemed to work for me.  But I would like to try 8.10.  Now if only there were a working download/torrent...
Title: Re: How stable is 8.10?
Post by: jimbodude on February 11, 2010, 09:29:42 pm
Doing any scheduling on a TV screen is a huge pain no matter what interface you use. Just use mythweb...