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Title: what's your experience with 0.40 and new ui ?
Post by: archived on August 29, 2006, 11:37:38 pm

after two days of mangling with upgrade problems (with great help of Pluto guys of course) I'm able to run Core with 0.40 version of Pluto.

Had some problems with first MD (Asus Digimatrix) that still refuses to run Orbiter... Cameras are yet not working....

I'd kindly ask other users to share their experiences with 0.40 - what's working, what has changed in new version, how does new ui look like (still no luck to see it on my own), what tweaks you had to do ?

Sharing that info would ease pressure on Pluto's support and probably help other users...

Thanks in advance,


Title: what's your experience with 0.40 and new ui ?
Post by: archived on August 30, 2006, 03:59:57 pm
Hi Rob

I'd be glad to be of help, but unfortunately my hybrid still refuses to run with .40

As it seems that you were able to solve your core issues (that look similar to mine) may I ask you to share some infos on how did you manage to get out of troubles?

Title: what's your experience with 0.40 and new ui ?
Post by: archived on August 30, 2006, 05:08:15 pm
Hi guys,

I started off with an upgrade and had similar experiences to yourselves.  In the end I performed a completed re-install which I must say was very impressive with the new wizards etc.

The system should be much easier for novices to get up and running, however I had two big issues with the .40 release.

1. Xv video acceleration does not work with any of my ATI video cards using Xorg system. I have seen this reported elsewhere on the net but no resolution. I posted a warning here but have still not managed to do anything about the problem.  The problem manifests itself in that the overlay acceleration is very fast but the image is scaled fullscreen and you can only see approx 30% of the video frame (image you have zoomed in to the picture).  Without overlay acceleration video playback is too jerky and consumes all of the CPU power.

2. New plug and play scans serial ports which resulted in my sat receiver refusing to communicate with via the serial port.  Fixed by editing a script.

Generally I am really happy with the new system, web admin page is much better, documentation is improved. User Interface has looks the same but with some additional bits.

At present I am dual booting my system, 0.39 release to watch videos and 0.40 for general use.  Major pain but as I have choosen to do this it shows that I am impressed with the latest release enough to stick with it.

Title: what's your experience with 0.40 and new ui ?
Post by: archived on August 30, 2006, 05:24:22 pm

well at first, my sql databases weren't upgraded and so postinstall of 8 packages (database related) were broken. Kiril helped me out although we couldn't figure why it happened. But then further problems began, when newer kernel was booted.

First pwc and spca5xx modules were crashing kernel. Then I found out, that they crash if already loaded. So I blacklisted them and boot proces went pass that dead point. But cameras were not working anymore - in the mean time they worked and now again not. It seems something else is loading those modules, but maybe not at right moment...

I also cannot properly shutdown hybrid, and get two errors from udev complaining about bad rules in hal rules file...

Then I tried to boot first MD (I have 3 of them) and more problems occurred:
- first dhcp is sometimes discovered and sometimes not...
- second, kernel image was not found, then Razvan suggested to Rebuild image from web-admin page (beware - you loose any custom files on images) and it helped get past first point
- then it freezed at "#configure device changes" step, but that was cause of another pwc module crashing and freezing system (I blacklisted pwc)
- then it went through upgrade will a lot of errors (reading two files, and then like network is not running, and then 2 files again, etc... all the time gpg errors and gzip errors showed up - but after 2 or 3 tries it went through)
- now lirc is not working but I'll get back to that

I also tried if my old problem is fixed in new release (I have 7 MDs on media floorplan, and I get mixed up info about what is each one playing - blank stripes on right side). The problem stays, so I decided to purge all MDs and quite few Orbiters from system to start fresh...

But on the first one, admin web page got stuck in login screen - but I'm pretty familiar with that (full disk - for the fifth time in a row in two days)....

ok, then I erased them, regenerated few Orbiters with only few devices, and in parallel pppoe began to segfault. So I can't access network from LAN - I have to plug directly with laptop, looking for solution - and this is the point I'm right now (and oh silly me, tried to reinstall pppoe, but couldn't download it after deinstalling - so I'm in kind of "bang my head against the wall" state...

all the time also Asterisk is not working, and probably some other subsystem too, but I'll get to them when basic things will be a bit more stable... I've tried to set up uiv2, but got gray screen, so revert back to deal with more important problems right now...

But I'm sure that some better times will come and that my Pluto system will again work as desired....

feel free to contact me if you need any more info...



Title: what's your experience with 0.40 and new ui ?
Post by: archived on August 31, 2006, 02:09:30 am

Got the same thing when trying new UI. Gray screen with nothing.
Re-Generation etc all seemed to go OK, just basically didn't work. Had a quick look at Orbiter log but didn't see anything immediately obvious.

Tried it on the windows orbiter as well and same result (although it was a black BG rather than gray).

My lounge MD seems to be suffering a lot more under 0.40. It seems to be using more memory for windowing etc and things like MythTV frontend are strugglling. Couple of questions for you: How much memory do you run in your MDs and does it seem to be enough. My lounge MD used to be CPU bound until I gave it a new graphics card but now it seems to be memory bound (it has 256MB at the moment). Do your MDs have swap files? I can understand why they don't (ie: no local disk) but it seems to be suffering and was wondering if there was a way to put a small local disk in as have it use it as swap only.

Seperate problem arose this morning, internet access was down and couldn't access core. went under house and physically rebooted core. Was fine for a while and just before I left for work was down again. Hope this isn't the sign of a big problem on the core :( caused by all my Orbiter regen's last night (they seem to get the core working quite hard)

btw. let us know when you get cameras working and what was needed. Mine is not working but havn't even started to look at that.