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Title: GYR3101
Post by: mvhurlburt on July 03, 2009, 07:29:39 pm
Hello all, I just received my GYR3101 off of ebay today. I don't know if anybody is currently using this remote but is it supposed to come with a USB RF Receiver? If so I just got taken for $30.00 and I'll have to see if I can find a compatible one.  It appears in the wiki integration notes that the remote requires RF for the basic remote functions as well but will register as a gyration go mouse. Is it possible that I could use the receiver from a go mouse? Seems like I'm in a bit of a bind here and that this is a perfect example of how easy it is to get screwed on ebay, just hope I can figure out how to get it working so its not just a paperweight!
Title: Re: GYR3101
Post by: hari on July 03, 2009, 08:37:12 pm
it should come with an usb dongle. Dunno about the GO..

br, Hari
Title: Re: GYR3101
Post by: tschak909 on July 03, 2009, 09:16:09 pm
Sorry bro, you got ripped off. Go find the guy and use his nutsack to hang a tent.


The dongle is the same dongle as used on the Gyration Go! Mouse and keyboard.

Title: Re: GYR3101
Post by: mvhurlburt on July 04, 2009, 05:35:55 pm
That SOB he won't even return my emails.  I can't seem to find the appropriate dongle, however is there any chance that this receiver may work I sure hope so or it looks like I'll have to buy a whole other setup...maybe I can buy one directly from gyration? Hmm looks like I'm gonna have to do a bit of googling today...
As usual thanks for the replies!
Title: Re: GYR3101
Post by: Techstyle on July 04, 2009, 08:41:03 pm
Did it say in the add that it comes with the dongle?  if it did lodge a complaint and if you paid by paypal use the buyer protection policy.  Even if it didn't say it came with it, if it was implied (either in the text or more importantly by the product part number) then you have grounds to have ebay forcec a refund.

Good Luck