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Title: Network Configuration: File and Print Sharing
Post by: archived on March 18, 2005, 09:43:41 pm
SHould I think of Pluto as the central server for file/print serivces as well, or should I keep those on their own machine?

(Ease of configuration management, software updates...)

If independent, how can I get pluto to look to my repositories of music (mp3) movies (vob) and photos (jpeg) libraries?
Title: Network Configuration: File and Print Sharing
Post by: archived on March 19, 2005, 09:54:31 am
For the print server, it might be easier to just leave in place what you've already got -- we don't add any value here.

Our normal Pluto Core has a big RAID 5 array, so we recommend our clients use it as their file server.   However, if you want to store the files somewhere else, that's not a problem.  The Core has samba, which is Windows-compatible networking.  You can simply add a mount to your windows network share, and then, as far as Pluto is concerned, the media files will be treated as though they were on the Core.  Linux networking is much more flexible than Windows -- you don't have to mount drives.  You can mount directories within other directories.  Are you familiar with Linux networking, and setting up mounts?  We don't have a web page to do this yet, so it has to be done by hand.
Title: Samba for file and print
Post by: archived on March 19, 2005, 04:02:21 pm
this is heading off topic, but the domino effects are very real.  
(No response required)

I've tested out a samba file and printer server as a possible replacement for my windows server.  Everything works pretty well -- samba is a deceptively deep product!  I'm still grappling with how (if) to replace my central auth/access control roles that my winbox provides.  (samba, nis, openldap)

More importantly, I'm trying to grok how pluto can be "dropped" into existing home networks.  (my network is more complex than what most target clients should be.)

Along side: Point pluto to existing repositories (itunes, photoshop album..) and services (print, auth, dhcp) and it stay current automatically (e.g. updates to itunes repository picked up)

Integrate: allow pluto to assume some roles (dhcp, media repositories...) but allow change to be transparent to existing windows/mac clients (samba shares named/mapped properly...) but allow the existing network to keep others (firewall, print, auth)

Replacement:  Debian is more than up to the job.  Skill set to be successful is a bit more scarce than with M$.  Many ongoing system configs may have to be sync'd into pluto databases.  Replacements for some familliar tools (network backup software, vpn, webmail, remote desktop)

This isn't 'bitching',  it's the excitement of making room in the garage for a a cool new offering!!