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Title: Understanding MD PXE boot
Post by: archived on June 26, 2006, 01:07:37 am
Hi Everyone,

I currently have my pluto core running as a "CORE" only. I have an existing HTPC in my living room that I would like to use as an MD. Before I make any real changes to my working htpc I was trying to boot my htpc as an MD using PXE boot option.

Everytime I try to boot using pxe my htpc tries for about 10 seconds and then gives the error that it failed and boots my Windows OS. My configuration is below.

1. Cable modem into a linksys Router
2. The linksys router connects to one of the ethernetports on my core giving it Internet connectivity.
3. My core has a second ethernet port connected to a Hub.
4. the htpc is connected into the Hub to ensure that the dhcp server form the core assigns an IP

I can go into more specifics about the setup if needed but I just wanted to expalin the basic network setup for now. During the core install I ensured to select the option to make my core a dhcp server. The funny thing is that if I let my htpc boot up into windows. It gets an IP and I can indeed surf the internet. Thsi would suggest that the core dhcp server is working correctly it simply is not allowing my htpc to network boot.

I have not setup my htpc in pluto's webadmin as I am under the impression that the current setup should allow my htpc to netowrk boot without any configuration. I understand taht later I would need to configure it to use a GC100, ect.

After all that I guess I hav etwo questions.

1. Am I right in assuming that my htpc should be able to network boot without being setup in the pluto admin site with the above configuratoin?

2. Assuming the answer to Number 1 is yes. What the heck am i doing wrong?

Thanks for any help.
Title: Understanding MD PXE boot
Post by: archived on June 26, 2006, 04:34:50 pm
Hi there

First you have to add a new device from Pluto-Home web administration on you Core. the link should be something like : http://<yourcoreIP>
You will be prompted for a user and a password ( those from the installation process of the Core ).
Then go to Media Directors / Add Device and choose "Generic PC as MD".
The the new device will be added in the list of Media Directors.
You have to set the MAC manually for your MD ( the format is 00:11:22:33:44:55), then do a Update and finally, Setup Diskless MD.

That's all, you wait for the installation too complete, do a quick reload router and you can use it.