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Title: Vote on Forum Charter
Post by: colinjones on March 27, 2009, 08:05:45 pm
The charter is now up for voting on. Once adopted, members can suggest changes directly to the forum ops, and we will work to include any agreed ones.


Light Touch - when in doubt, moderators will take no action. They are here to protect the tone and facility of the forums, not censor it. All attempts will be made to avoid applying personal, subjective standards.

Swearing - Swear words are acceptable, this is part of normal everyday discourse. There is no need to get upset over such behaviour. Swearing used to increase the impact of an abusive attack is not acceptable. It is the abuse that is being actioned - See Unnecessarily Abusive Posts.

Free Speech - The forum is not an extension of any putative right to free speech. Cordial behaviour is expected and the charter should be respected. Abuses will be actioned when appropriate.

Discrimination/"isms" - Using the forum to communicate negative stereotypes and concepts relating to race, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or other group-identification is not acceptable. - Comments need to be assessed in context, but if found to be inappropriate, will be removed.

General Activities:

Spiralling Forum Thread - Continual posts and reposts, not related to the original subject or any related subjects, without any new posts on the original or related subjects, that are of an adversarial/argumentative/negative nature - Lock the thread.

Unnecessarily Abusive Posts - Repeated, personal, abusive posts that add no information to the original subject or related subjects - Remove the posts, if it continues, lock the thread.

Argumentative Thread - Repeated disagreement, no attempt to find common ground, thus no assistance to other forum members, setting the wrong tone. Should be taken offline - Temporarily lock thread for cool-down.

Trolls - Repeated posts across many threads over a period of time, where the nature of the comments appear to be to be willfully contradictary and contrary irrespective of subject - Warning via PM, if continues, lock the account.


Blatant, unrelated commercial posts - Posts/threads that seek to advertise or raise sales for product or service completely unrelated to LMCE. This includes hardware that is not known or suspected of being compatible with the system, particularly from unknown/untrusted posters - Delete thread

Spam - UCE, UBE - delete, lock account.
Title: Re: Vote on Forum Charter
Post by: colinjones on March 29, 2009, 12:09:43 am
OK, we have a very clear outcome. I am going to desticky this thread, and publish a final stickied post to make this Forum Charter formal as of today. I will lock that thread so that it doesn't get messy. We can continue any ongoing commentary in this thread, such as suggestions for change, additions and deletions.

For documentation purposes, rather than locking the vote, I will state it here so that we know. 17 - Yes : 1 - No. If we get to the point where some significate changes are requested, we can either reset the vote or start a new thread, depending on the situation.

Thanks everyone!