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Title: Movement will not turn on lights
Post by: secs on December 16, 2008, 04:16:34 am
Hi all.

In a previous post I was asking about motion and cameras.

I actually by luck had the system turning on and off lights when the camera sensed movement. However I have some how broken this. I have nearly had enough of this as the system seems to have a mind of its own. Like the delay command that varies its length with no apparent reason.

I think I will be employing X10 motion sensors to turn the lights on and off as I cannot now get it to work via cameras.

I went to the Respond to event section

under Event Handlers

and added an event of type MOVEMENT IS DETECTED (and also tried the SENSOR IS TRIPPED one as well)

and then added the camera I want to use etc.

It never triggers yet I get images under the SECURITY ALERTS LOG.

I had this trouble before then out of the blue it started to work and I can't remember how the hell I dot it to work.

Any suggestions?