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Title: Updating Database after manually deleting image files in the ~/data/audio/* dirs
Post by: freymann on November 13, 2008, 03:20:30 am
A thread I read today reminded me that my music collection has a bunch of "desktop.ini" and "AlbumArt*.jpg" files scattered throughout my 20GB's of music....

So today I decided I would delete all those files with :

find . -type f -name "AlbumArt*" -exec rm -f {} \;


find . -type f -name "desktop.ini" -exec rm -f {} \;

run as root in the ~/audio/ directory.

Went super fast, did what I wanted, but I see LMCE has cataloged all the various AlbumArt*.jpg files and I suppose it does no harm leaving them in the database, but I like to keep things clean.

Is there a magic way to synchronize the db to the directory contents and automagically delete all the AlbumArt*.jpg files from the various database:tables...? There's far too many to do this manually in the Files and Media sync area directory by directory.