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Title: Onscreen orbiter shows mobile orbiter screen
Post by: johanr on November 04, 2008, 11:16:49 pm
Hi again..

Since I have now moved to my final location I am now settin the Core/hybrid up as it should be.Basically that meant from previous config that I needed to move the adsl wlan router into the internal, turn off dhcp(dhcp was turned on in the core prev as well but I designed the net so it would be possible) and thats it.

Anyhow the only thing I have done or basically the changes that I have done is:
* Move the router to internal(dchp off in router etc etc)
* change video res to 720p 60hz VGA (to support my monitor) and checked that all is ok
* Change video res to 720 60hz HDMI, to check if projector likes it it did so I stayed there..
NOTE: I do not have external working internet yet.. (due to my isp being somewhat slow)

Everything was fine though until I decided that I wanted to control my LMCE with the Nokia 810.
So, I did as before(except for the workarounds in the fw) followed the manual on how to add it and since it did not want to work I remember having to restart the system for it to be functioning the last time eventhough I resetted it after full regen.
Then the problem started.. Now for some reason I am stuck with an orbiter screen on what is supposed to show the ordinary onscreen orbiter, you follow?

So, I deleted all the other mobile orbiters from the orbiter page and also deleted the 810 orbiter.
Reboot (several times as last desperat action of each step)
went in to the onscreen orbiter Advanced page and clicked "save" on it to get the config settled again
reset of the onscreen device
rollback to old config as last action but it didn't help (thought the backup backed up lmce config as well)

Somewhere something has gone wrong(because of me doing something most probarbly) and is stuck.. I have seen this happening before and I then solved it by simply deleting the device added and then, voila! .. But not this time.

Where should I look? I have tried to find any useful hint in the wiki but ended up having to post this anyway..
I don't want to(and haven't) changed anything in the onscreen orbiter config since it's really created by the system and was working before..
Is it so that due to not having "internet" connection, the LMCE behaves likes this?
Help, please.. I am clueless.
Title: Re: Onscreen orbiter shows mobile orbiter screen
Post by: johanr on November 05, 2008, 08:47:01 am
To specify my question even further. In case there was to much txt to grasp.

1.Where can I look (config files) to verify that the right orbiter screen is set? Since it obviously is not now for some very weird reason, guess you just believe I have f**d up and is not telling everything but I really am.. :'(

2. Is it possible to install the LMCE once again but without loosing media data? (guess not but have to ask)

BTW.. I have now set everything up as it was before the move of router and use of hdmi. No internet connect still though(but I had it running for two days before without internet so I don't suspect the internet conn. to be the cause) You may think it stupid to even suspect that to be the cause but since I did not do many changes I have nothing else to suspect..

Title: Re: Onscreen orbiter shows mobile orbiter screen
Post by: skeptic on November 11, 2008, 07:43:05 pm
I'm a bit confused, but let me take a stab.  Are you saying what is on the TV/Projector is the mobile orbiter screen?  Is it possible that it's just UI1?

If it were me I'd go to the sound and screen resolution wizard (forget what it's called).  If you can't get there through onscreen options, you can reboot the hybrid and hold down the shift key while it boots up.  This should take you directly to the wizard.  Set the correct output (HDMI or whatever), resolution, sound, and UI.  Make sure you choose the correct UI.  It really sounds like you chose UI1 when changing to HDMI, but you expect to see UI2 with or without alpha blending.  If this doesn't fix it, I have no clue.

edit:  If I read you correctly, you put your Internet connection on the same subnet as your internal NIC and all your MDs.  Unless you now have static IPs for non MDs and it's inconvenient to wire 2 LANs (like my old setup) why would you do that? 
Title: Re: Onscreen orbiter shows mobile orbiter screen
Post by: johanr on November 12, 2008, 02:57:44 pm
Hello again!

Yes you are right Skeptic.. I overlooked the fact that I changed from UI2 to UI1.. easy peazy.. if I wouldn't have created that second onscreen orbiter(yes this was Very late in the night and brain was obviously in Idle mode) I would have it working now on the old config..

However Since I do not trust that I did something else and I did not see how to get out of the hybrid stopping at the dcerouter login prompt. I know there is but I lack knowledge to do anything more..
As written above the web admin could be reached by connecting another computer(laptop) to the hybrid but I could not see anywhere that there was an obvious misconfig or error in the dmesg, syslog, messages etc.. Pointing to the fact that the hybrid would not start the media director.

SO! I got tired and bought a new hdd. Made clean install. copied all the Media(video,audio) to the new disk and after a few hours fiddling with covers etc it's now up and running as before more or less..

The external network is not on the same as the internal. I had made a few modifications for it to work like that with two dhcp devices one external and the core in the internal(pretty easy actually) But I am now not using that setup nowsince it's not the way it Should be.

* I do not know why the core/hybrid would not start the media director after deleting the 2nd onscreen and reboot(several times)
* I now know that UI1 looks more or less the same as the view you have in the N810, web-orbiter or similar..(I know I have read threads about it but never caught what it was about) it's even described in a wiki page I think.. *dough!*
* I got a chance to make a more structured way of my Media

* The Media sync is Really Powerfull and handy...
* With two discs I can soon start using Raid(from what I have understood)

Now I just have to hassle my ISP to get a working Ip connection..