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Title: Playing DVD
Post by: archived on March 10, 2005, 10:39:59 am

I've put DVD in media director, but nothing happend... I guess this has something with encryption ? I get this:

05   03/09/05 21:20:24.199      Disc of type 3 was detected
05   03/09/05 21:20:24.199      Not firing the event
01   03/09/05 21:20:21.505      Receive string failed in HandleRequestSocket 18:ReceiveData failed Command_Impl1 Dev #6629
Return code: 0

Can I easily customize installation to play DVDs ? What license is needed to be able to legally play DVDs on Media Directors ?

Thanks in advance,


Title: Playing DVD
Post by: archived on March 12, 2005, 02:39:18 pm
You can refer to the other thread about the DVD issue and libdvdcss.
Title: Playing DVD
Post by: archived on March 14, 2005, 10:24:45 pm
Quote from: "aaron.b"
You can refer to the other thread about the DVD issue and libdvdcss.

I did add libdvdcss according to web site you pointed at. Now I get :
05   03/14/05 22:14:01.682      Disc of type 3 was detected
05   03/14/05 22:14:01.683      One Media Inserted event fired (/dev/cdrom.dvd)

looks like event is fired, but then nothing happens. I've checked logs for Orbiter and DCE router but there is nothing special in it (or I don't see it) (xine is also empty). Excerpt from DCE router log :
05   03/14/05 17:01:56.479      Loaded plug-in device: 6620 master device: 36 -- ./
05   03/14/05 22:14:36.045      TCPIP: Closing connection to 6625 (Router Dev #0)
05   03/14/05 22:14:57.774      TCPIP: Closing connection to 6625 (Router Dev #0)

So no event visible ...

Should I manually configure some response to "insert media" event or should it work out of box. Can anyone provide any proper logs examples ?

Is just install of libdvdcss enough or should I do something else on Xine to be aware of it ? Are there any legal licenses that one could purchase for DVD playing on PCs under Linux ?

Thanks in advance,

Title: DVD's
Post by: archived on March 17, 2005, 07:31:42 pm
Hi Tinia,

Can you please contact me on Yahoo Messenger ( to find out what is happening ?

Things should go like this usually:
    - insert a disc in the drive unit
    - the disc drive device will detect the disc type and fire a DCE Event with this type on the DCERouter.
    - a Router plugin will detect this event and send back a command to the Disk Drive to "mount" that DVD. This command will send back a "xine formatted" url to the plugin (the url looks somthing like dvd://localhost:5152/ ).
    - The plugin will use that url and locate a Xine Player device on the same media director that launched the original MediaInserted event.
    - After it located this it will send the Play Media command to the Xine Player device. This should appear on the screen and play the DVD.

   Now there are a couple of places where things can go wrong but in a good installation it should be automatically. One of the most fragile places would be the DVD mount part (this uses dvdcss if it is installed on the machine to mount the DVD). If the dvdcss is not installed then this step might fail. One quick way to check this is to see if there is a network server running on the ports starting with 5150 20-30 seconds after the Media Inserted event is fired.

   Anotehr place where you can look is to see if tehre are any coredumps in the /usr/pluto/coredump. If there are cores for dvdcss_server then you
hit a bug that is solved in the build (upcoming soon). The quick solution for this would be to change the mountDVD*.sh script in the /usr/pluto/bin and add a ulimit -n 128 somewhere before the script launches the mount command.

  Or you can open a secure tunnel to our host and let us take a peek :-).
  The procedure for this is:
     - open the pluto-admin site (http://<your-core-ip/pluto_admin )
     - go to  'wizard' 'security' 'outside accesss'
     - put a password
     - click ok

    - send the password and the installation ID to one of our representatives and we will take a look and try to fix your setup.

   ToMiC (