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Title: Myth TiVo Asterisk to much spare time....
Post by: archived on February 14, 2006, 07:50:02 am
Hi.  I've been looking into a PVR to run with my OzTiVO.  OzTivo is a hack so that we in Australia can enjoy TiVO.  The EPG is a volunteer effort and there are about 750 OzTivo users in Australia.

I found Pluto and it looks good.  I already run an asterisk (well a couple) servers but the other goodies with Pluto make it very tempting.  And since Debian is my prefered distro makes it more tempting.  So now the questions....

Can I use the MythTivo plugin?  Better still can I store native TiVO TY video files on a Pluto core and retreve them for viewing on my TiVO (probably not)?  Is there a hack/setup where I could use my other series 1 TiVO as a frontend (media director)?  I don't mind blowing away the OS in the TiVO just looking for a frontend alterative and I have one laying around.  If not is an Xbox ok?

What flovour of Asterisk comes with Pluto?  Is it @Home or vanilla?  I am assuming its normal Asterisk because Pluto is running in Debian.  If so how are the conf files edited/created?  And can I just chuck in my working Conf files into the Pluto box?

I am also using Smoothwall as my Firewall do I have to use Pluto as a 2 NIC solution?  I understand why Pluto would want this role for QOS mainly for the VoIP side of things.  I need to use smoothwall for SSH access.

My main objective is to have a server that can dish up the video/audio files when and where I want them.  I'd prefer to use my TiVO as a PVR and have another (or multiple) frontends for Pluto/Myth so I wouldn't need the PVR aspects.  So can I install Pluto without any capture cards?

That's enough for now!!

Title: Myth TiVo Asterisk to much spare time....
Post by: archived on February 18, 2006, 10:12:12 am
Well thanks for the input.  I'll think I'll just go for a standard MythTV on Debian.

Once again thanks for the help.
Title: Myth TiVo Asterisk to much spare time....
Post by: archived on February 21, 2006, 10:06:17 am
Hi. we never used that plugin so you need to found out by yourself.
with pluto we have a vanilla installation of mythtv and wrapers that send the commands from orbiter to mthtv.
about xbox and tivo; we didn't add specific support for them, our intention is to have support for a wide range of hw. i guess if you can make debian run on them, they can be controled in pluto. again, we didn't test this hw, you'll find more info on forum, if you have the patience to search.

our asterisk is vanilla with some patches. We are using asterisk + AMP + some custom scripts.

i don't know what smoothwall is. pluto can be installed with one and with two nics. depends on the installation, the core need a 2nd card to give dhcp to other devices on lan.

yes, you can install pluto without capture cards.