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Title: Plugin Idea
Post by: norjms on July 09, 2008, 02:19:49 pm
I would like a plugin modified for mythtv and it integrated into Linuxmce. I need it, as a mythtv plugin because all my clients aren’t Linuxmce some are a standard mythtv clients.    
   The plugin is very similar to the imdb database parser for mythtv but this one parses I would need to plugin to parse the file name of a tv episode and import it into mythtv and linuxmce. The file name structure is like this:
Mash S01E01.avi  I.E. Series Mash season 1 episode 1.
I currently have in excess of 3000 tv shows broken into series. Sorting them and keeping track of what ones are watched as new ones are added is impossible.
This is a very nice feature that I think would make a great addition to both mythtv and Linuxmce.
Here is the API for the tvdb website (

Here is an example of how this looks in mediaportal.

Here is the mediaportal plugin for a programming example. (

Everything is GPL’ed so you can use what ever you need to parse and avoid recoding as much as possible. I can contribute $100USD to this project. Please feel free to jump in and tell the devs what you think of this suggestion even if you’re not able to donate.