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Title: LMCE core as an AP
Post by: rthorntn on March 27, 2008, 07:09:02 am

Please do not try to stop me or tell me "You're on your own" ;-)

The community here is great and an AP running on a headless core would be good, I am not going to use an external AP :-)

I have a Commell LS-570 "swiss-army-knife" firewall and I have just put LMCE beta3 on there.

Some details of the box here:

It has an atheros ABGN mini-pci wifi card installed and I am going to use this with LMCE and a Cisco 7921G (using 11a).

So I was thinking of dropping to a shell on the core downloading/compiling and installing madwifi then configuring it to act as an AP, any pointers on what else I need to do, ideally I would like the 7291G to be detected on the atheros interface and for that to work using chan-sccp-b?

Please help.

Thanks for all your help now and in the past.

Kind Regards
Title: Re: LMCE core as an AP
Post by: jondecker76 on March 29, 2008, 12:08:15 pm
I really can't help you with your specific question..
However, if you don't have luck, then you can always get a self-contained access point (I just got a Netgeat ProSafe off of ebay for $40) and plug it in to the switch on your internal card. While I understand that isn't exactly what you were wanting to do, but its an alternative that works really well