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Title: UIRT repeat commands
Post by: gazlang on March 26, 2008, 07:47:28 pm
After checking through the forum, I can see that this issue has been brought up before e.g.

However, I haven't found a resolution.

I have a sky box controlled by a USB UIRT. I can view my sky channels through myth tv and, when I ask it to, it attempts to change channels on my sky box.

The problem is, the UIRT sends too many commands to change channel, and so is useless!

Has anyone resolved this??
Title: Re: UIRT repeat commands
Post by: gazlang on March 27, 2008, 12:09:30 pm
I see the problem is listed in the wiki for beta-3:

Known Issues
In LinuxMCE 0710b3 this file has DOS carriage return characters at the end of its lines. Before the script can be successfully run, those characters need to be edited out using a text editor such as vi
In LinuxMCE 0710b3 running this script results in each digit of the requested channel number being blasted 4 times in sequence; thus not actually transmitting the correct channel request.
I do not think this is correct. There are indeed DOS carriage returns, but I have been using this script in the external channel change command for several weeks, without one missed channel change, and the script is unmodified on my MD. I have not seen any problems with duplicate digits. My wife watches a lot of live tv from MythTV and she has not been complaining about problems changing channels. Can someone please confirm if these are indeed issues?--Rwilson131 22:46, 15 February 2008 (PST)
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It is obviously not a problem for some users, but has not been fixed in beta-4.
What are 'DOS carriage returns'? Have they been removed for beta-4?