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Title: Applets/plugins to display some info on UI2 overlay ?
Post by: bulek on March 17, 2008, 07:37:56 pm

I've installed UI2 on 710B4 and I'm using it for the first time and must admit I'm impressed. Particularly photo screen saver with custom photos is what we like in family...

I've used Freevo for quite some time and they had implemented one good idea. User could easily write plugins/applets that could display something on status line of main screen. So you could put in there time, weather forecast icon, disk space, CPU temperature, etc... all with few lines of Python code...
Also there was simple protocol that could display certain messages on screen overlayed with other content (similar to mythnotify)...

I guess something similar would be awesome with LMCE. Any opinions ?

Anyone with more insight, how complicated this would be ?

Thanks in advance,