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Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on November 04, 2005, 01:18:49 am
SageTV is a competetor to MythTV. It is not open source and cost like $80 plus $25 for each client. It is however, in my estimation a superior product. I was curious as to how much work would need to be done to integrate SageTV with Pluto. The Linux version was just released and there is now a developer environment which can give extensive control of Sage. I have not really taken a look at the Pluto source code, does anyone have a quick thought as to how much work it would take? Also, do anyone else have a desire for this?
Title: SageTV
Post by: archived on November 04, 2005, 04:38:55 pm
I do know that SageTV has a linux version, but I think its only available to OEM's and you can't download it commercially (BUT licensing is available).  They also have a larger developer base than MythTV, so Pluto integration may be tighter.

I would love to see SageTV in pluto and the new Version 4 even includes Sage Studio which is an SDK for users to create their own add-ons and additional functionality.

One thing I vaguely remember is that Sage accepts SendMessage commands, so even if Sage can't get imported into Pluto would it be possible to have the Core fire commands to Sage and tell it what channel to tune, where/when to record, etc and have the files saved on the Core using Samba?
Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on December 14, 2005, 01:52:42 am
I just came across Pluto and I'm impressed so far. I've been a long time SageTV owner and I also think that this would be the ideal TV application to build into Pluto.

SageTV, feature to feature, truly puts Myth and every other TV/PVR system to shame. The dev's have been doing multi-tuner PVR's longer than ANYONE and they really have it down. To me, SageTV server embedded into Pluto would be home 'nirvana'.

Is this even a possibility? I don't have a strong grasp of Pluto yet, but it sure seems like it would be a marriage made in heaven.

Title: Sage
Post by: archived on January 06, 2006, 07:48:31 pm
I don't know if anyone noticed (or cares) but Sage just released its Linux version's for commercial use.   I wonder if Pluto might consider integrating with SageTV and all users have to do is purchase Sage and install and Pluto will recognize the install and turn on the options (since Sage is not free and I think it costs $80.00 per license).
Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on January 09, 2006, 08:45:04 am
we know that our mythtv intergration is not even working this time, but we have a new guy that will start working on it.
regarding sage, ... i don't think that this is a good solution since you'll have to install a kick start cd and later pay a fee to use tv.
best we can do is to still have mythtv as a primary sw and the user pick sage from a drop down. this way we don't force all users to pay.
Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on January 17, 2006, 10:23:13 am
Hi Dan,

I can certainly understand wanting to ship a free solution (Myth) with Pluto. Are you saying that you will actually make Sage an option? Once the features are compared side to side, Myth just doesn't hold a candle to Sage and is easily worth the $80.00.

How easy will it be to add in Sage to Pluto? Sage (Linux version) is shipping pre-compiled with a Gentoo distro. Would you be willing to assist a Linux newbie with implementing Sage as a replacement for Myth? If so, how do you recommend approaching this? Should I: A) Look in to becoming a dealer for Pluto (already considering this)?, B) Sign up as a reseller of SageTV (to use your 'license key' infrastructure)? or C) Just work with you guys using my own current copy of Sage and the existing Pluto iso?

Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on January 19, 2006, 05:52:58 pm
Pluto was designed so all modules are replaceable; in other words, you can uncheck MythTV and check VDR and it uses VDR instead.  Pluto provides a common UI that can work with any back-end.  Adding a wrapper for Sage would be quite trivial *if* Sage provided an API.  For example, if you create a device template for Sage that has the same options as the one for Myth, DCEGen will automatically create a Sage wrapper for you with stubs like:

void Sage::TuneToChannel(int Channel)
  // TODO: Insert code here

So if sage had an API, then you would just add 1 line of code to pass that command into Sage.  And then Sage would be controlled by the Orbiter.

However, I don't think the pre-compiled Sage provides such an API or any method for external control.

Since Pluto already has thousands of users and offers so much extra functionality (like i/r control, home automation, remote control via mobile  phone/pda/etc.), and since the Pluto platform can be freely distributed, I would have thought that it would be interesting for the Sage team to distribute in the Pluto Platform; we already support a model for devices requiring paid licenses.  It would give Sage a lot more functionality for free and with virtually no development efforts, and give Sage an existing base of users.  But, I did email the Sage guys a while ago and they didn't really pick up on this idea.  So, I think it's a great idea but it's probably not possible unless the Sage team provides an API for remote control of Sage, or access to the source code (under NDA, of course).

Maybe you, as an end-user, could suggest they consider this?
Title: Integrate SageTV rather than MythTV.
Post by: archived on April 12, 2006, 05:43:54 pm
Quote from: "aaron.b"
Adding a wrapper for Sage would be quite trivial *if* Sage provided an API.  

Aaron,  I'm just following up.  I didnt know if you guys were watching Sage at all, but with Version 4, Sage included Sage Studio (its development application which includes access to a published API).  

The only downfall is that the Sage Studio program is only available in the Windows version, but it lets you create .stv files (which are the actual user created customizations for Sage) and are importable into the Linux version ***as long has the .stv file does not have any hooks into the Windows OS***.

Sage Studio information can be found  here (, which includes some API classes specifically and a Studio User Guide!

Do you think you have a minute to skim over it and see if they provide enough information to make the wrapper development a "trivial" task?  I would even be interested in donating for the purchases of the Windows version so you guys can develop it and beta test it if (when) you guys have a workable product....