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Title: USBUIRT is finally set up - having just one problem with it (Pictures included)
Post by: jondecker76 on February 10, 2008, 06:04:31 pm
I finally got my USBUIRT set up for my TV and my Xbox 360. It was able to learn my IR codes for both devices with no problems.

My TV has 8 inputs, and no discreet ir codes. The power code is a toggle type, and the input select is a toggle type (with the option to toggle twice for the first input).

Most everything works as it should, however the input switching isn't doing anything.

When I watch a movie, my tv turns on as it should..  However, a scenario was automatically created for my Xbox 360 when I added the new device, so I have an Xbox 360 button under media. However, when I hit the Xbox 360 button, I would expect 2 things to happen (neither of which do)
1) Turn on the Xbox 360 with its power IR code (this works manually testing it through admin)
2) Tune to the correct input (input 1). Since it is normally on input 2 (where my Core/hybrid is hooked up), it has to go around through all of the inputs with the toggle button. This is set up and in order through the admin (TV AV1 AV2 AV3 HDMI1,HDMI2,PC,Side). I would expect it to know that I'm on AV2 and it needs to cycle through the rest to get to AV1, then one more toggle for the "Toggle twice on first source". This should yield the source toggle being triggered 8 times. This does not happen, why?

I understand that discreet inputs are much better for this, and that toggle buttons could have sync issues. But, I can live with this issues, and sync issues should be minimal as we will only controll the tv with an orbiter.

Once I get this finished, I'm gong to do a nice tutorial in the wiki on the USBUIRT.

Here are a couple of screenshots to help illustrate:
Title: Re: USBUIRT is finally set up - having just one problem with it (Pictures includ
Post by: golgoj4 on February 11, 2008, 02:28:10 am
Odd. It seems like you have it setup properly in the device connections page...and the IR codes work when tested. I would say try a different IR code.

My setup has my desktop, and ps2 connected as well as my core hybrid. Even though I was capturing the proper codes as tested in the AV page,  for some reason it wasnt translating to my tv. The USB_UIRT would fire an IR command, and I could tell my TV was receiving it because it has an ir activity light but it would do squat. I eventually had to do a workaround where I copied the channel down IR command into the input select to get it to cycle that way. It works but my situation is somewhat different than yours.

Are there any alternate commands which can get the input on the tv to change?
Also for the xbox, is there and other command than might get it to come on?

I think i've pretty much hosed my existing setup as far as configuration because the usb_uirt dies when trying to capture a command and I have to reload the router. I was going to do a fresh install sometime soon i haven't gotten much further than my existing workaround.


Title: Re: USBUIRT is finally set up - having just one problem with it (Pictures includ
Post by: jondecker76 on February 11, 2008, 02:58:56 am
Ok I found the problem.. The problem is that my input selection is a toggle type, and even though I filled out the wizard and told LMCE that it was a toggle type input select, it still had me record IR codes for all of the Inputs. I had to manually find Input select in Add/Remove commands on the A/V Properties page.

I know what you are saying about locking up USBUIRT..  I've done it a hundred times today alone, but I've almost got it.

I have found some other bugs also when dealing with toggled Input Select and put them in mantis.