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Title: Having multiple cores in one system or local media on MD
Post by: archived on October 11, 2005, 08:21:08 am

I'd love to put Pluto in my car. I'm thinking how to achieve this....

Main difference is that I'd need to have local media storage on it and also have Orbiter as remote control of my home. I'd also like to use Mobile Orbiter to control it. I'm also not happy with too much data flowing between carputer and home cause it cost money....

Now it gives me several options and questions too :

1. can MD have its local media ? - for instance to have it in car I'd need local storage (not to stream from network - it will cost..)

Options to do it (I guess some better solutions already exist or are coming):

1. have MD on carputer and have local storage and remote control of house (I'm not sure if this is feasible, cause also I'd need MO to control local MD)....

2. have Core/hybrid on carputer but I'm not sure how to get remote control of another core (my house). There is inter core connection feature somewhere on wish lists, but how far is implementation (it says you can give control of your house to your neighbour - another Core) ?

3. have windows (argggh), one of its media frontends for local media playing and Orbiter as external application that will control house)....

not nice solution, cause I have to solve remote control problem (MO won't work, also infrared remote cannot navigate plain Orbiter, etc....)

4. I guess the best solution would be to have Core in car and possibility to mix their control on single Orbiter device (Car is another room in system, but with Core instead of MD - this will allow me to control with MO and have local media).... But I guess this is not yet possible now, but maybe will be in future...

Anyone there with any advice, information on development, ....

Thanks in advance,


Title: Having multiple cores in one system or local media on MD
Post by: archived on October 13, 2005, 09:42:39 am
We already have a car solution that uses one embedded PC, and we're putting it in an Audi A6, so it has an Audi look & feel.  Ask dan.g to give you the info and skins, and try it out.