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Title: Newbie idiot.....
Post by: archived on September 29, 2005, 01:33:30 pm
Apologies in advance for my stupidity.

I stumbled over here after someone with a squeezebox mentioned that they have just installed a "pluto home automation system".  "Oh, best look at that", thinks I, "as that's what I'm in the process of doing".

I'm refurbisihing a house, and installing a home automation system.  My current plan is that it be based on Clipsal lighting relays for control (directly switching lighting, and switching power relays for sockets and appliances, connected/controlled using a comfort alarm system). Would also intend using comfort board for Honeywell HVAC.  Then intending Slim devices solution for whole house audio, with mythTV for TV recording (backend) and display on monitors/lcd's (frontend), finally an asterisk pbx providing both VoIP and integration with analogue phone lines (I particularly want to route witheld incoming phone calls straight to an anti-sales call mailbox).  Was then hoping to use web interface via ipaq's to control the slimserver, and comfort (and thus lighting, power, and HVAC), along with VoIP phone client (Xten?) with nuevo for IR control.

Anyhoo.  I have spent a few hours over here.  Have read the material on, but it's not coming together in my head how the system achieves control, nor how it integrates with home automation.  Tried clicking the "get Pluto" option, but couldn't find any dealers or equipment to buy an off the shelf system (I'm UK based) - although I suspect that might prove financially challenging.

Over the next few weeks I need to finalise my electrical installation design and wiring scheme for my new house.  Pluto seems to offer an integrated scheme for achieving very much the kinds of things that I want to achieve.

Coming to the point now.....

....could some kind soul please suggest a reading list that will help me get my head around:

Hope I've not committed any cardinal sin, and thanks in advance for any helpful comments you may have.

Paul Chambers
Title: Newbie idiot.....
Post by: archived on September 30, 2005, 07:38:24 pm
My apologies for interrupting.  I'll take my curiosity elsewhere..... ;-)
Title: Newbie idiot.....
Post by: archived on September 30, 2005, 09:54:55 pm
Actually the automation is easy--you just need devices with a pc interface, like an rs232 port.  A list of supported devices is shown on, click 'support', 'compatibility list'.  It goes here:

All those alarm panels, for example, have an rs232 port you connect to your core or an md, same for lighting, climate, etc.  Pluto controls them over the serial port and makes them all work together as one.
Title: Newbie idiot.....
Post by: archived on September 30, 2005, 10:10:06 pm
Clipsal have recently started releasing linux serial drivers for the c-bus (not open source) for developers.  Is this the kind of thing needed to integrate clipsal with a pluto system?